How to copy and manage music on your RNS-510 Navigation system


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  1. Thanks, great information! I have been searching for standard SD cards for my nav unit, didn’t know it would play SDHC!

    One thing I have been trying to do is figure out how to get rid of the invisible files on the SD card. The card works but it has the invisible MAC files which show up in the directory on the NAV unit.

  2. Will you notify us when the firmware that enables SDHC is released? I have a 2010 JSW TDI. Thank you

  3. I have a 2010 Jetta TDI without the Nav system. When I put the SD card in (32 GB SD HC), the radio only recognizes the 1st disc on the card. When I try to page through the discs on the card (about 25 GB worth), I can only page through the selections on the first disc. What gives? Everyting else with the radio is great!

  4. The manual that came with the car/radio says it will take 32gb SDHC cards. How can I tell what version of the the firmware it has? Thanks

  5. henry westerhof

    hello jay,

    first of all,you have a great site,thank you for doing all this.
    i have a question,is it possible to pood foto’s on die rns 510,for example background,en hoe is het possible to do that.


  6. Jay, Has the firmware that will let the RNS510 read SDHC cards been released to dealers? I have a 2010 JSW TDI with the RNS510 that I want to upgrade with the newest firmware. Thank you

  7. Donna Sammarco

    Great info I have the new 2010 EOS Lux and really no info on ten system. I tried using an 8gb sd card and it did not work. But with your info i am able to load it to HDD from my cd/DVD. Now I which I has instructions on how to us my iPhone/ipod with AUX in arm rest. When I use aux to iPod cable it play but have to control using my iPhone/ipod. Would love any information you have

  8. Thanks a lot for the helpful info!!!

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