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  1. Congratulations Jay, you’re doing a good job keeping us informed on the latest in the world of VW.

  2. Jay
    Love your your videos and articles on the web. Just took delivery on a VW Jetta sportwagen in Feb (love that too!!) and am having a hard time following all of the VW nomenclature regarding versions (ie MKIV,MKV, etc). For example when ordering aspherical side mirrors for my Jetta it was difficult to know for sure what I was ordering would fit. Any help in that area would be much apreciated. Keep up the good work!

  3. Jay I was wondering if you could tell me if its possible to copy contacts from de Bluetooth system to the phone? The thing is my phone had to be wiped out and now I only have my contacts at my Passat’s system, so I sort of wanted to know if it is possible to copy from the car to the phone and if yes, how? Thanks so much and congrats on the great work you’re developing here!

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