Volkswagen Announces the 2010 Jetta TDI® Cup Driver Lineup

Rafael Navarro IV – Temecula, CA
Arie Ouimet – Plymouth, MA
Chris Wehrheim – Norcross, GA
JJ Tomlinson – Park City, UT
Justine Jackson – Kingston, Jamaica
Jarvis Gennari – Boca Raton, FL
Mike Mineo-Nardacci – East Hills, NY
Jenna Wagner – Bristol, VA
Nate Norenberg – Plymouth, MN
JD Mobley – Castle Rock, CO
Andrew Cordeiro – Woodbridge, ON
Jake Thompson – Calgary, AB
Colin Thompson – Perkasie, PA
Michael Hogg – Vancouver, BC
Kevin Gleason – Johnstown, PA
Taylor Tzouanakis – Wauconda, IL
Wyatt Gooden – Gates Mills, OH
Brian Whitmire – Baton Rouge, LA
AJ Severino – Hamilton, NJ
Andrew Novich – Novato, CA
Taylor Broekemeier – Fort Collins, CO
AJ Nealey – Edgewater, MD
Ryan Ellis – Ashburn, VA
Juan Pablo Delgado – Orizaba, Mexico
Juan Pablo Sierra Lendle – Puebla, Mexico

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