Find out what bluetooth system you have in your Volkswagen

There has been a lot of confusion about the different bluetooth systems Volkswagen uses so here it is the break down for 2010 model year :

9W2 BASIC BLUETOOTH WITH BLUETOOTH STREAMING: Allows for basic bluetooth functions, calls must be initiated from your device. provides wireless music streaming from compatible devices (requires Premium VIII touch screen radio RCD-510 or Navigation system RNS-510).

  • JETTA S 2.5
  • JETTA SE 2.5
  • GOLF 2.5
  • GTI MKVI 2.0T

9W3 Advanced bluetooth with voice commands and navigation system integration : provides hands free dialing, voice commands, and in certain vehicles it also adds phonebook display and caller ID. On vehicles equipped navigation the unit will display phone information, dial pad and speed dial soft keys.

  • JETTA 2.5 SEL
  • PASSAT 2.0T
  • CC 2.0T SPORT
  • CC 2.0T LUXURY
  • CC VR6




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  1. Thanks Jay — very useful info!

  2. Hello: We just picked up a 2010 Jetta SE with Bluetooth. We couldn’t get our old phone to connect so we are looking at new phones (Verizon) do you have a list of phones that will work with it. From your blog it looks like it is the 9W2 version.
    If you don’t have a list, do you know if the Droid Eris by HTC is compatible? Thanks. Neil Kornblatt

  3. Hello Jay,
    I just purchased a 2010 Tiguan SE. As you have posted the Tiguan is supposed to have the 9W3 Advance Bluetooth, but when watching your video, mine is not so fancy (not that that is a bad thing). I just have the phone, volume controls and star on the left-hand side of the steering wheel. I am currently having two problems. One my phone (Nokia Twist 7705) pairs with the system but the phonebook doesn’t come through. Any suggestions as to whether this is even possible? Secondly, I have a iPod touch. I was wondering if the Ipod could connect via bluetooth to the “BT Audio” on the Stereo. My iPod doesn’t seem to find the Car when the car is on (key in turned before ignition). Are there any tricks and is this possible? I tried going the back way pairing my iPod to my phone (which supports A2DP), since my phone was connected to the car already (well I shut the connection with the car while I was pairing with the iPod) but the iPod and the phone found each other and paired but they would not connect together. I just cant figure this out, hope you can help or give me any advice…. other than purchasing the $400 kit to connect the iPod through the glovebox or to just reach into my center console to get my iPod to change the song. Please help!! Thanks!!

    • The BT module requires the car be on the ON position (just before starting) check the list of compatible phones listed on this site

    • Nicquelle,

      Did you get anywhere with this? We just bought a 2010 Tiguan SE and it sounds the same as yours. We would love to have the A2DP!


  4. the Tiguan does not support A2DP

  5. I just sat in my car with the owner’s manual, and there’s an easier way than demonstrated on the salesperson’s website. Toggle down the phone book, hit the voice activation key, say “save” and the system prompts you for the name. You repeat it twice, and the number is saved. There’s no need for manually entering (by voice) the name then the number as demonstrated in the YouTube video.

  6. I’m sorry, I’m a bit new to this. I recently purchased the 2010 Tiguan SE also. I also have the touch screen, without navigation. I have the Blackberry Storm, and I was hoping to connect via the BT-Audio as well. Is the Blackberry not compatible for that use? I’m able to connect my phone using the bluetooth technology, just not the BT-Audio. Can you help me figure it out? I have tried changing configurations and everything, nothing seems to work. I hope you are able to help. Thanks.

  7. You mention that there is a list of compatible phones on this site, but I can’t find it. I have a 2010 CC sport. I had a Motorola Droid (Verizon) that I just returned because it would pair but sometimes it would connect and other times it wouldn’t. I would like to have a droid, but it has to work with my bluetooth in my car.

  8. Hi Jay — how about the 2010 Limited Edition Jetta? I’m assuming that uses the 9W2 module?

  9. Nevermind — you sure keep a thorough blog. Found my answer here: Thanks!

  10. Hi Jay

    GREAT blog. Thank you

    I just purchased 2010 JETTA SPORTWAGEN TDI and have been going through the bluetooth issue with my dealer. I have the RNS-510 Nav system but because of the bluetooth system in the car, I cannot control my phone from the touchscreen. The dealer is referring to the two different bluetooth systems as “high” and “low”.

    It appears from your article here that I have the 9W2 version and if I want the phone to work with the Nav system (dial on screen etc) I need the 9W3.

    As we speak, the dealer is looking into options – including switching out the bluetooth system. Do you know anything about this?

  11. I have a 2010 Touareg TDI. No Nav, premium radio. I think it has the 9W3 version software with voice dial capability that works great for the cell phone. Will it stream music with a bluetooth compatible phone that supports stereo bluetooth connectivity?

  12. Hi Jay,

    I have 2010 Tiguan and Droid htc. they pair, but usually disconnect during conversations. Very annoying. any suggestions?


  13. Hi Jay,

    i just got a 2010 CC sport. does it support BT streaming audio?



  14. Tony, you realize that the CC Sport is on that list, right? You also know that you can sit in your car and try it as well?

  15. I have a CC 2010 and an iPhone 3GS. I do have the phone voice comand with RCD510 I also have in the menue BT Audio however I am not able to stream from my iPhone to the BT streaming audio. Any Ideas?

  16. I just bought a 2010 VW Jetta TDI…love it. It did come with the IPOD adapter, but I do not own an IPOD. I currently use Rhapsody, and have for years. I have a Rhapsody player with a Rhapsody to go subscription. Is there anyway to play this device or to get around not owning an IPOD? Any help would be appreciated.

  17. Is blackberry bold 9650 compatible with 2011 CC ?
    Does not work with steering wheel buttons.

  18. I just bought a 2010 Tiguan S model – the sticker says it has Bluetooth Connectivity – does that mean I need to purchase additional equipment so that the bluetooth option will work?

  19. Can I change out the 9W2 with a 9W3 in my 2010 Golf RNS 510 system?

  20. Hi Jay,

    I have a 2010 Golf 2.5 Sportline. Do you know if streaming bt-audio is possible with this Canadian model? I can’t get the car to recognize my iphone 3g or my wife’s iphone 4.

    My car came with the premium touch screen audio system. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  21. I have a 2010 Jetta Sportswagon TDI. It has all the buttons indicating we have the advanced blue tooth package but it will not load my phone book etc…how can we really tell?

  22. I just got a Jetta TDI 2010 and your list says it has the 9W3 BT.
    1. Can I swap it for the 9W7 BT unit?
    2. Where can I get a 9W7 and for how much $$?
    3. Does the 9W3 do things the 9W7 doesn’t (i.e. will I lose any features I have now?)

    Great blog! Thanks!

  23. we just bought 2010 TDI jetta sedan with navigation system. The blue tooth on the navigation/stereo system is not linking with the volkwagon steering wheel bluetooth. My phone picks up volkswagon and Rosen for pairing?? Please help.

  24. I need some guidance. I have a 2007 Passat with the high line red mfd. I wanted to install an RNS-510 and I want to have full functionality of the mfd and radio. I want to be able to be able to stream music as well as have phone book capability as well as answer calls using the steering wheel. I’m just not sure what Bluetooth module I would need.

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