VagCom explained….Sort of.

Some of you guys have been wondering what VagCom is. Since  I have mention it on many of my post. Vagcom consist of a computer software and cable interface sold by Ross Tech that allows you to interact with the computers and modules in your car.

The software goes beyond letting you diagnose your car and read fault codes, it allows you to change settings in your car to add features that are not available in the US market. A common “hack” is to set up the car so that you can lock it and the windows will roll up by them selves as you walk away.

What you need:

– A windows based computer or Mac running windows via bootcamp or via virtual machine (boooo)

– The Vag Com software (FREE download!)

– a Vagcom cable available here

For more info check our Ross Tech’s website or their Brochure.

Disclaimer: use at your own risk, I am not responsible if you mess up your car using this software or if your warranty is voided.


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  1. Hi, was unaware that this programme was a freely available download.
    A friend of mine ran it once on my Bora V6 4Motion when it kept displaying that I had an error. The diasgnostic returned no errors whatsoever so I was able to ignore the warning without being worried about it. Subsequently however, the reported thought stopped bheing reported and has never been seen again.

    Had David not run the software I probably would have visited the local VW garage and incurred a hefty bill to be told that there was nothing wrong or indeed they may have blindly installed new expensive parts when there actually was no problem to fix.


    I am Chairman of the Cornwall Volkswagen Owners Club by the way, would love tom have a backlink.l thanks

  2. Vagcom is awesome. I had a dealership tell me that “you don’t adjust the timing on a TDI engine.”

    I checked with fellow members of and a fellow invited me to his home where, for a beer and some good conversation, he plugged his laptop into my 97 Jetta TDI, showed me the timing graph and where my engine was idling outside optimum range, opened up the hood, physically moved the injector pump with our hands, and brought the timing into optimum range. My mileage improved noticeably as a result.

  3. Hey Jay
    Any idea where to find some more of the code possibilities and applications? For example: I have a 2010 CC, is a radio/DVD hack available? Can I hack the rad/nav to play dvd’s while in motion? I am also interested in the convience feature such as rolloing window up or down via the key fob? Just wondering if you knew any of these answers or could point me int he rigt direction.

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