VW adds new Jetta “limited edition” as a farewell

In case you have been living under a rock you know by now that the current generation Jetta is about to be put to pasture and its replacement is on the horizon. Starting this month Volkswagen will start building a new Jetta model designated with the very unique “limited edition” name plate.

The Limited Edition starts life as a Jetta 2.5 S and adds V-Tex leatherette seats, leather steering wheel, shift knob, and brake handle, Bluetooth®, and 16” Sedona alloy wheels w/ all-season tires. Sunroof and iPod adapter are the only available options. Prices start at $18,295 for the manual and $19,395 for the automatic before destination. Thats only $560 more than the S model and $2,295 LESS than an SE model ($1,295 if you consider that the SE gives you a sunroof) So if you dont care about not having the RCD-510 this Jetta is a true bargain. The Jetta Limited Edition should be arriving at your local dealers around March 2010.


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  1. So I’m considering purchasing a 2010 “limited edition” Jetta. However, the sales price is listed at $20,590. I’ve been going back and forth with the guy and he insists there’s only about $300 markup on the car and is willing to knock that off. However, your blurb above says the automatic starts at $19,395. It doesn’t have either of the options you listed above, either. Any help?

  2. Hi Jay:

    Everything I read about the Jetta Limited says it has 3 power outlets, but I can only find 2, 1 in the console up front and 1 on the trunk on the right…am I missing something or is the literature wrong?

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