List of available Commands for the Advance bluetooth with voice commands (9W3)

Here is the list of available Voice Commands :

o “Help” – system will speak the possible commands of that specific menu back to you
o “Dial Number”
o “Redial”
o “Store Name”
o “Select Name”
o “Delete Name”
o “Play Phonebook”
o “Delete Phonebook”

Note: Voice commands only work on 2010 Jetta SEL, Jetta TDI, Touareg 2, CC, Passat, Tiguan and EOS. For other Bluetooth topics including a list of compatible phones click here


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  1. Thanks Jay, this is very helpful. It’s not very clear in the CC manual.

  2. Hey Jay… one question.
    Just had the upgrade from 9W2 to 9W3 added to my 2010 Golf Wagen HL TDi – works great!

    Linked my Sony-Ericsson W810i with no issue, added the phone book quickly… but no the issue. I have cleaned the phone book on my phone up so I don’t have some many entries in the V-Dub… but I can’t get the car to re-read the phone or clean out the old entries. And there is no delete entry in the V-dub.

    The voice command of delete name/phonebook etc. only removes the voice command links to a specific entry, but not the entry itself.

    Am I missing something? Is there a way to get the car to re-read the phone?

  3. Thanks… I’ve tried this and that leads me to my next question… as it doesn’t seem to remove/add phonebook entries when I resync, do I need to delete the “voice names” [delete phonebook] before I remove and resync the phone?

      • Thx again, got it to resync – disconnected phone from car, turned off car, turn off phone – wouldn’t do it without turning off phone. 🙂

        Now it only loads about 1/2 the phone book. Maybe 15 entries. I keep contacts on my phone in memory not on the SIM card. It says the 9W3 reads from both. Any suggestions?

        BTW – I only have the RCD-510

      • thats strange, you may have to take it to your dealership

  4. Recently online I have seen some videos of people useing voice commands for the navigation and for the media. Are these options overseas and just not available here? Also is it an option to ask your dealer to upload the newest firmware available for you car at servicing?

  5. problem with my sanyo scp 7050…I can pair by bluetooth with my car (jetta 2010) I have only the phonebook, I should have last call, miss call, receive call…tell me why I can’t see that…

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