Volkswagen’s List of 9W3 Compatible Phones

Here is a PDF copy of phones that are compatible with Volkswagen Advance Bluetooth system with voice dialing 9W3 available in the Jetta TDI sedan, Passat, EOS, CC, Tiguan and Touareg.

NOTE: There are always new cell phones coming in the market. While they will all work with the VW system as for basic hands free telephony is concerned. There may be compatibility issues due to inability of these cell phones in using the phonebook & caller-ID functionalities of the VW Bluetooth® System.



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  1. I have a Jetta TDI wagon.
    Today I purchased an ENV3 phone so that I can use the voice commands.
    The device paired, but the voice commands are still not working (I push the microphone button but don’t get a beep)
    The phone book is also not showing up when I push “phone” on the nav menu.
    any ideas?

  2. Jay- here’s a question for you- if you have an iPod touch with bluetooth, will the car recognize the iPods phone numbers in the addressbook and store them in the car’s directory. I have a bluetooth enable phone the can pair with my cc but the car does not recognize the phone book. I’m wondering-short of getting another phone, if I had an iPod touch, could I get my numbers on the car and then use the paired phone to dial? (I don’t have an iPod touch with bluetooth so I can’t actually test this out..) thanks!


  4. I have a sony ericsson k770i which is on your list as being compatible with the vw bluetooth kit but the car display says it isn’t compatible. Any ideas?

  5. I have a sony ericsson k770i which is on your list as being compatible with the vw bluetooth kit but the car display says it isn’t compatible. Any ideas?

  6. Do all 2009 CC 4 motion with NAV have bluetooth connectivity?

  7. I have a Rline passat 2009 i have found bluetooth on my radio. does anyone no how to get it connected to a bluetooth phone?

  8. Jason VW OF ROME

    hey Jay i have kinda of a crazy question figured id ask maybe u can find the answer or maybe know it .. I have a customer that has a tiguan i believe 2010 she had two phone connected to her bluetooth or reconized .. One of her phones broke now when she trys to connect her new phone it wont connect so i think its cuz she still has her first phone connected is there anyway u can Reset the bluetooth or take it back to factory so she can reconnect her phones there has to be a way.. Ive asked techs and a top tech right from VW and noone has an answer Please help if u can thanks again JAY from rome VW Nice Job on the website or blog I find it very helpful !!!

  9. I just upgraded my 2010 JSW TDI to 9W3. The phone paired and the voice commands work.
    How do you delete a non-voice phonebook entry? I have gone through the manual and all it tells you is about how to delete the voice phonebook entries. Also, is there a way to edit the name in the phonebook that shows up on the RNS? Thanks for any help

  10. Jay, I just talked to my salesman about upgrading to Bluetooth in my CC with the RNS 510 at the dealership, will it be the premium? Is there more than one upgrade? Let me know what I would have to tell them, Thanks

  11. Are there any instructions for pairing a Blackberry Storm with the 2009 Tiguan SE? All the instructions I keep seeing say they are for 2010 models and I have tried them anyway and still cannot get my BB Storm paired with the bluetooth on the car. Getting real frustrated.

  12. I am having troble connecting my Palm Treo 700p to a 2010 CC. Is this a compatability issue? The phone recognized “Volkswagen” as a device, but went I go to connect I do not get to the point of entering the passcode. Do you have any suggestions. Thanks!

  13. I have a 2010 CC with Bluetooth. My old Verizon motorola paired and connected just fine. I have a new HTC Incredible which will pair, but will not consistently connect. Anyone else having this issue?

  14. have a 2010 VW CC. Love it! Blackberry Curve 2 8530, pairs just fine. ALl functions work. PRoblem is extreme noise at speeds over 40MPH. SOund is crystal clear until highway speeds. Uses notes that it sounds like wind noise. other phones tested worked fine at highway speeds. Sounds like a blackberry problem. Could it be a bluetooth frequency issue? any help? Curve2 is compatible, tho not on your list. Cant fine any help with the noise at high speeds issue.

  15. I have a 2010 Eos and am having trouble with my Samsung phone provided by Verizon. I can pair it with the car and use it in the car, but have never been able to use the voice commands. Also, since getting the car about 3 months ago I have had to replace the cell phone 3 times. It was under warrenty, so it was replaced by Verizon. It seems that after using the phone 1 or 2 times with the car’s bluetooth connection the phone freezes and then won’t turn on. Has anyone else ever experienced this. The phone is a very basic model – SAM SCH-U350

    • I also have gone through three verizon SCH-U350 phones. All have frozen after having been connected to the car’s (Jetta 2010) bluetooth. Both Verizon and VW know nothing about a bluetooth/verizon issue. Have you learned anything? My phones were not under warranty and I am now purchasing a different phone.

  16. I have a 2010 Tiguan and a Samsung 750. For the first 2 months everything worked fine, then beginning in April 2010, the vehicle/phone connection began to drop. I tried 2 other Samsungs (one older, one same age as mine)…the older Samsung stays connected. I sent my cell phone back to Samsung and they replaced the Bluetooth in the phone. Connection still drops. Took the vehicle to dealer, who installed updated software. Connection still drops. Please advise. Looking for bluetooth compatible cell phone which will not be dropped from connection with my Tiguan…very frustrated.

  17. I just got my 2010 VW CC Luxury yesterday and I was able to connect my Palm Pre with BT however only missed calls, last calls display numbers/names but the phone book is empty. I can handle the phone book being empty but when I press the button for voice operation i get the beep….but what am I supposed to do from there? there is no specific explanation in the manual and the female voice keeps prompting me but I don’t know what to say. Please help!!

  18. I have a similar prob as V. I just purchased a brand new 2010 VW Eos. My phone is the Alcatel one touch mini and is able to pair with my car, however the phonebook is not uploading. I saw that you had previously posted a list of phones compatible for VW, however when I took it to a Cincinnati Bell and Verizon service store, they stated that the list was outdated and were both unable to find me a compatible phone on the list. Is there an updated phone list available? Thanks.

  19. I have a problem with my wife’s t-mobile motorola cliq. You can’t hear the call and the bluetooth will not disconnect (no radio).
    Any ideas?

  20. Forgot – 2010 Sportwagen TDI

  21. I just bought a 2007 GTI with Package 2. The car includes a ‘phone’ button on the steering wheel, but the only mention of it in the owners manual says that it’s a ‘phone’ button and that it may work with a phone. Not helpful. I connected my iPhone 3G to the stereo via the Aux connection and am able to make and receive hands-free calls that way, so I know that there’s a microphone installed and working properly, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to connect my iPhone for the added functionality the button would provide… Hands-free dialing, the ability to answer and ends calls without having to reach for the phone, etc. I tried turning on the iPhone’s Bluetooth but it don’t detect a signal, so I’m not sure how to pair it with the car (if that’s what I’m supposed to do). Can and iPhone be used with the 2007 GTI in this way, and if so, what do I need to do to enable it. Many thanks.

  22. hi.. i have a volkswagon passat cc 2011 model.. i have been tryin to connect my i phone 3gs to the bluetooth connectivity but my i phone does not read or find the device when the blue tooth is on in the phone.. and in the car display it shows that the phone is not compatible.. PLS ADVICE…ITS BEEN MONTHS NOW…

  23. Hi.! I just bought a 2011 passat CC and tried connecting it to my blackberry torch. It worked well the first time. However, after I changed the sim it keeps dropping the bluetooth connection. To elaborate, it connects for about 2 min with dailing services and everything. Howevern after that it drops the bluetooth connection and says that there is no bluetooth connection. Could you please help me out as I have tried everything from restarting the phone to even reformating it. By the way I have the premuim bluetooth set. Is there any way I could delete all the information stored on the car phone set as I think this might solve the problem. Even tried deleteing the users but it does not help. Thanks. Really had an i trying to solve this prob as had an iphone before this. 🙂 cheers

  24. Hi,

    I own a 2010 Jetta TDI with 9W3 bluetooth system. I am considering purchasing a Samsung Captivat (SGH-i897). Does anyone know if this phone is fully compatible (phone book, caller id, etc..) with the VW Bluetooth System? Thanks! 🙂

  25. I just bought a new 2010 CC. The salesman could not get my BlackBerry 8830 World Edition to pair and said I needed to buy a new device to get it to work. I messed around with it and got the BB to recognize/load the VW Phone and is saw that the car “found” the BB and “BlackBerry 8830” appeared in the little screen. Then it went into “Please wait” mode. I waited 10 minutes, then I drove around for 1/2 an hour and it still said “Please wait”. What should I do? Buy a new BB or return the car in a rage?

  26. Just drove my 2011 Golf TDI home from the dealer, and the Bluetooth won’t hold the connection. I have a Palm Pre with Sprint, and it will get as far as showing the media and phone connection and my name on the MFI screen, then it will drop it. Sometimes the connection is lost even before then. Most of the time it just says, “No compatible phones found.” Help!

  27. I found my BB on the “works with VW list”, but seems that didn’t fix the problem. All I have found on the internet indicates that VW has a made a really half-witted attempt to offer Bluetooth, but failed miserably. Miserably.

  28. Hi, I have just purchased a 2010 VW CC with VW Full Advanced Bluetooth and Navigation. I am able to pair my Sprint Evo with the bluetooth system however I cannot download my “phonebook/contacts” It says “Phonebook not available”. I took it to the dealership and they were able to (and showed me) download phonebooks from an iphone and Verizon Incredible without any problem. They told me it was a Sprint issue. Sprint was unable to help me in anyway. Do you have any suggestions? The Evo connects with no problem on my 2011 Audi A3. Thank you for any suggestions you can offer.

  29. I recently purchased a 2008 GLI. Noticed the phone button. Can I pair a phone to this vehicle. Have a palm pre plus. Help.

  30. Hi there,

    I cannot for the life of me find out if the blackberry torch works ok with vws bluetooth (rsap) do you know if it does?

    Many thanks,


  31. I believe all blackberry models sync wth VW..the curve.the 8700 and the 9700 which I tried all synced wth my cc 2011 model ..

  32. hi there,

    just wondered if you knew the latest handsets that will work with vw bluetooth premium (rsap)?



  33. Hi Jay and All:

    Just purchased a new 2011 Jetta Sportswagen with factory installed Bluetooth/Navigation as part of the premium package. Any clue as to why the iphone media (MDI) connection is not recognized? A message appears “No Medium Is Active” when trying to initiate the ipod playlists. The connection worked briefly upon delivery of the car, but now no connection is recognized. I upgraded the Apple version to OS4.2 in hope that it was the phone not the connection. Love the new car and this cool feature when it worked. Wondering about a software patch. Any help would be great.

    Marc in Cambridge.

  34. I see that you list of compatible phones was posted in December 2009. Any chance you have an updated list? I have a new Motorola Droid X, and it doesn’t seem to be accessing the contact list via bluetooth. I assume this is a compatability issue and hoped to confirm this.

    Thank you.

  35. Hi, I purchased a 2009 CC and am I am unable to pair my LG Verizon chocolate to the car’s….what am I doing wrong? Have turned the car on and then go to my phone options under the bt setting and try to add a device…help

  36. Suzanne Fettig :
    Hi, I purchased a 2009 CC and am I am unable to pair my LG Verizon chocolate to the car’s….what am I doing wrong? Have turned the car on and then go to my phone options under the bt setting and try to add a device…help

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  38. I am trying to sync up my iphone via bluetooth and the car says “memory full”. I’ve read the manual to clear all previous bluetooth device by holding down the “phone” icon on the steering wheel for more than 10 seconds with the car on, off, ignition on, everything…… luck!

  39. eric :
    I am trying to sync up my iphone via bluetooth and the car says “memory full”. I’ve read the manual to clear all previous bluetooth device by holding down the “phone” icon on the steering wheel for more than 10 seconds with the car on, off, ignition on, everything…… luck!

    Well, finally cleared the memory. It had the hands free Parrrot 5.11 installed and the only way to clear the memory is flicker the volume up and down on the steering wheel 6 times quickly. Strange, I know!! The passcode is 1234, not 0000 as the manual says

  40. Hello, I have a VW Eos in July 2010 and I can not pair my bluetooth car with my iPhone 4. I turn on the Bluetooth phone and try to pair with the car. Appears on the car phone model, but after a few seconds says the model is not compatible. What can I do to resolve this situation?

  41. I just bought a 2009 cc vr6 4motion how do I telll if it has bluetooth? It seems to have every other option available. I have the buttons on my sterring wheel but my phone does not find the car when searching. I have a droid.

  42. Hi…. when the memory full how to delete form a VW TDI 2007 streo (when steering wheel dosent have option of volime – /+) version install parrot 5/11
    can u give me the stepts to delete (B/T memory) from car stero

  43. why can i not delete a prior user phone from the system?? says can’t it is a phone??? any advise?? 2011 cc

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