Upgrade your car with VW’s touchscreen RNS-510 navigation

For those still kicking them selves in the butt for not spending the extra $40 a month to get a car with navigation or those that simply want to upgrade to the new touch screen unit (if you have the old MFD-2 nav unit we have a 12 step program and counseling available) here is a solution for you. The guys at OEM Plus have put together a retro fit kit you can get your hands on. With a retail price of just over $2200 plus installation it is a bit more than the factory installed unit but you can always sell your radio and make up the difference. This unit will fit in most 2006 and latter Volkswagens with the premium VII six disc in dash changer or Premium VIII touch screen radio,  Click here to find out more .

If you would like to add the impressive new RNS-510 navigation system to your Golf, Jetta, Passat, Eos or Tiguan then this kit will include everything you need.  Kit includes navigation unit, radio code, GPS antenna, FAKRA antenna adaptor.


  • High resolution (800 x 480 pixel) 6.5 inch touch screen display
  • Split-screen (map and symbol displays)
  • Display in instrument cluster
  • Integrated 30 GB hard drive (10 GB Navigation / 20 GB Audio Files)
  • Audio CD (WMA and MP3) and video DVD playback
  • Built in Sirius and HD Radio Tuner
  • SD memory card slot
  • Multimedia socket (Aux-in) for connection of MP3 players, located in center console

– Lead time is 1 week for delivery of these units
– Special order item
– Units are tested prior to shipping and guaranteed to not be DOA
– Map discs can be obtained direct from http://www.Navteq.com
– Don’t forget to add your TV Free Module, FISCON Bluetooth and/or Media-In Kit, bundle
pricing available, please contact us for details.


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  1. Hello there,

    I am in Sydney Australia. I have an EOS and i am able to pair my iPhone bluetooth with the car but the Bluetooth audio is not getting activeted when i start my iPod. The call feature works well with the car bluetooth but the other functions of bluetooth is not working.

    Any help/instructions you can send it my would be much appreciated.


  2. I have a 09 Jetta SE and am kicking myself in the butt because I didn’t get the navigation unit installed. My dealer says that it will be a pain to install…and it isn’t worth it, because it requires “a whole lot of things, it will get expensive.” I totally want it…

    Is it possible to install or is my dealer being lazy? Maybe its time for a road trip!!!
    Do you know how much??

    Thank you Jay!!

  3. it can be done for about $2500

  4. Hey Jay!

    So I just brought home our shiny new Galapagos T2 TDI with the RNS 510 and Bluetooth and while googling for voice activation I came across a video showing voice activation of all the functions of the RNS 510. So what gives? I can’t imagine the manufacture of the unit would build a unit with total voice activation and some with just the phone? What are the hidden codes? What additional FW do we need? Is there some additional controller needed? Why do the Europeans get all the good stuff? Why are there no simple answers? Please stop the madness building in my head!!!

    Seriously any insights, recommendations, and suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance…MPM

  5. Hello,

    I have Jetta 2010 that has RCD-510 unit without bluetooth
    I need to replace it with RNS-510 with a bluetooth also, can you ship me this complete box and how much does it cost?


  6. Jay – I have the RNS-510; I figured out everything but how to program in standard AM and FM radio stations – what gives? Thanks.

  7. Hey Jay,
    What are the things to consider while replacing an RCD-510 with an RNS-510.
    I live in Saudi Arabia, so how long will it take if i order a RNS-510? And if possible, pls let me know about the warranty and whether this site is trusted.
    Thanks in advance for your help..

  8. I am looking to buy the Tig SEL but none of the navigation were set up yet so I couldn’t check it out. Does it say the street names? is it very good?

  9. Vasant paranjape

    I live in mumbai india,do you have a dealer for RNS 510 for 09 passat

  10. Hi
    I have Passat 2006 , 3.6 4motion with MFD2 navigation. Last year I swap with RNS 510. It works great, now looking for Bluetooth device that can go with it. RNS 510 unit that I have has mute botton instead of phone. Let me know what to do and from where can I get the Bluetooth device. I am from New York City, USA

  11. Hello Jay
    I Just Bought a EOS in NYC with the RNS-510 Nav when I paired with blue-tooth my Iphone 3Gs only the phone part works but not the Media Audio Streaming
    I did checked the Media audio streaming in the setup menu but is not working any Ideas
    The dealer Offered to install the special wire so I can connect to the Iphone buy I still would like to connect to the Nav system with blue-tooth and stream my music

    Thank you in Advance


    • The EOS does not support that feature see this video for an explanation

      • Hi
        Thanks for the vid, it explained most of the problem, although not why!

        What I don’t understand is that when I have a phone paired to my RNS510 (with VW bluetooth) I can see a bluetooth logo on the media screen next to the Aux in logo. It is dimmed out, so not accessible, but interestingly the music from the phone goes silent although it is still playing!! I have tried with Iphone, Nokia and Motorola, all with the same result.
        In one of your videos I saw that on the (media) setup screen you showed an “Activate Bluetooth” option. I don’t have that on mine, but I do have an option which says “Bluetooth audio autoplay” but only when there is a phone connected!!
        Any ideas, or is this what you would expect to see?

      • What model do you drive?

  12. Jay Pichardo :
    What model do you drive?

    My car is a 2005 Golf GTI, the RNS510 is version C with 2660 firmware. The Bluetooth kit is 1Z0035729B, both retro fitted. and I have just had a Mk6 MFSW fitted which doesn’t control the channel/track up and down, so that is another problem to solve.

  13. Today I purchased a used 2009 Routan SEL. The car is fully loaded… or so I thought. The minivan has a touchscreen radio/cd/dvd with a hard drive. But it does not have navigation. How can I add navigation to the in dash touch screen unit. The ones with navigation look the same.


  14. I am wondering if you can help point me in the right direction.
    I have a 2010 CC Sport Rline that can with a RCD510. I purchased and installed a RNS510 using the swap out guides from Vortex and other sites along with a 9w7 bluetooth module. The installation was easy and I coded using the VCDS, again following the guides.

    I now am starting to have “Antenna
    A problem has occurred.” error messages.
    It looks like the SAT antenna has intermittent disconnects. I have checked the connection several times.

    Any idea on what to look for ?

  15. I have a 2006 Jetta TDI with the Nav system. Will the new jetta nav system (the touchscreen one) hook up to the original wiring harness or will adapters need to be used? Thanks

  16. Hey Jay,

    I have a 2010 R36 with a bluetooth enabled radio. I am keen to get the navigation system and was wanting to know if that can be done easily or is cumbersome and expensive. Also not sure of the system and the cost currently to retrofit…appreciate your assistance…Cheers

  17. Hey
    I live in canada and I have a 2006 passat v6 4motion with the six discs cd changer. I was thinking to upgrade it to a navi system so I found the mfd2 and the new rns510. I was wondering what’s the difference and which one would fit it better? How much would the installation charge? Anything I need to pay attention to?

  18. Jay,

    I will be purchasing a used RNS 510 from an owner who lives in Belgium. I live in Arizona.

    She is selling the radio due to the fact that her GPS is for the U.S.A.only.

    Besides the code, which will be forthcoming, is there any additional hardware I will need?

    The radio is from an 09 Eos. I will install it in either my 09 CC or my 09 Eos, which ever is easier.

    I will be sending her no money until it is installed and operational.

    I also own a Ross-Tech vagcom.


    David <

  19. Bobak Chiniforoushan

    Hello how much will this unit cost?
    I have a 2010 jetta will this work for me?

  20. David Ritter

    Has anyone had any experience with asking a dealer to retrofit the RNS-510 to replace the RNS-315 in the JSW?

    As far as I can tell if the car came with an RNS-315 all the wiring for GPS, bluetooth, etc should all be in place and it is a matter of unplugging one unit and plugging in the new one.

    Will a dealer do this? I don’t feel too confident in my ability to open the dash correctly. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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