Media-IN (MDI) retrofit for 2010 cars without it is now available

So you drove your shiny new VW home only to realize that the car you picked out doesn’t have the cool Media in  MDI box they showed you back at the showroom?  not all cars come with is standard  so if the VW you wanted doesn’t have it here is how to get it.

first thing is to get the interface cable that makes it all work:

Part Number:   5N0-057-342
MEDIA-IN Retrofit Kit for RNS510, 315 and P8 Radios

MSRP: $412 installed

This kit comes with all the necesary hardware and wires needed to complete the installation which should take your local VW dealer about 1.5 hours according to VW.  VW also notes that you will need the approiate cable to conenct your decide and that connecting an ipod to the USB port will not work (duh!) as an alternative the MDI cable can be installed without the box in a location of your liking

Here is a full list of available connectors:

000 051 446 A Mini-USB adapter.

000 051 446 B USB adapter (Standard with RNS510MDI in MY 2009).

000 051 446 C iPod (Standard with P8, RNS315, RNS510 equipped with MDI in MY 2010)adapter.

000 051 446 D Adapter for MEDIA-IN to 3.5 mm jack.

NOTE: please consult your owners manual and your local VW dealer before ordering anything to make sure it fits your car. This kit will not work on older radios such as the Premium VII or MFD2 nav. Professional  installation by a VW dealer is required to avoid having any issues with warranty work latter on.


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  1. Thanks for getting back to me so fast. I’m sure others were wondering too. Maybe I’ll take the money I’m saving from 3 years of free service and put it towards this.

  2. When you say the MDI cable can be installed without the box, does that mean I can just go with the $40 iPod adapter (plus instalation) and forego the $240 box?

  3. Yes, I am also interested to know if I can just get the cable without the box. I am getting a Scirocco with the RCD510. By the way, where is the MDI point in the Scirocco?

  4. Hi Jay,

    Great informative website! Would these part numbers apply to the non-navgation radio found in the 2010 Tiguan Wolfsburg Edition? I’m trying to provide our local dealer with some information so that I can get ipod integration before delivery. The parts dept is telling sales that the AUX-IN plug in the center console is for the iPOD, even though I’m pretty sure there is a way to direct connect the iPOD to the radio to allow for some actual iPOD control.


  5. felipe de la guardia

    couple of questions i have a 2010 jetta wolfburg and i wanted to do the retrofit my question is if my car is leased is there a way for it to become part of the lease payment so i dont have to pay for all of it also i wanted to put hids and a subwoofer on my wolfburg whats stopping me is that i dont know if it violates the lease in any way.

  6. Hi Jay – awesome site. I got a 2010 GTI back in December and love it. One thing that is still confusing me and never consistantly works is this: I start the car, plug in my 3G iphone to the MDI cable (with correct cable btw), the stereo says “activate blue tooth audio?”, I hit “cancel” (since I want playlist controls, etc). Now at this point, it’s about 50/50 whether the ipod ap on the iphone will start playing. When it doesn’t I get “device not operational” on the stereo screen, or just nothing at all. Have you heard of similar problems? Wondering what are some things I could try. (Blue tooth works fine)

  7. Hey,

    Can you confirm that the retrofit will connect to the RCD310 or RCD510 and you specifically stated RNS….


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