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yes it finally went live! and guess what? you are on it!  from now on go to and you will end up here.


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  1. Congrats from one salesman to another!!!love the bluetooth upgrade, will be offering it!

  2. Thanks for all your answers to our questions.

    My question is I just ordered a JSW TDI with nav and will be getting it in February. I was told that bluetooth will be upgraded to 9W3 automatically by then. Is that true?

  3. Love my 2010 CC. The only thing I miss from my previous Volkswagens, (I’m on my sixth) is minor, but I’m hoping that I’, missing something.

    Older VWs. Get into parking lot, turn iginition off. gather your belongins, put sunglasses in their case, undo seat belt pull the key out and radio goes off. Great, even if you want to finish listening to the last couple of minutes of what was playing as you drove up, before getting out of the car.

    2010 CC: New key design. Follow the above procedure. You can’t. Radio goes off with the engine. Turning the radion on with the power button is not that big of a deal. Foregtting it on, is not a problem, (as in previous VWs) as it times itself off. In either case, when you return to your car, the radio must be manually turned on. Am I missing something that will allow me to program the radio so that it stays on until I pull the key out, or open the door?

    As I said, this is my only complaint about my new car. YOur help is appreciated!

    • I am not aware of what you can do but I will look into it

      • On Booklet 3.4 pg. 5 of the Owner’s Manual it is clearly stated that “Unit switches off when you remove the key from the ignition.”

        The above description has been my experience. Note that it does not say Unit switches off when you stop the engine,” which is what happens and is contrary to the Owner’s Manual entry and my personal experience.

        I do thank you for your help and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

  4. I’m in the process of looking for a new 2010 Jetta SE. I have a blackberry and an Ipod touch. Will the blackberry work in this car and will it also stream music through the Itouch? That way I don’t need to buy the ipod adaptor option. Also on this model, is there anyway to have the phonebook loaded on the car so you can see who is calling w/o checking the phone?

  5. where is the hands free microphone located on a vw cc?

  6. Hi Jay – awesome site. I got a 2010 GTI back in December and love it. One thing that is still confusing me and never consistantly works is this: I start the car, plug in my 3G iphone to the MDI cable (with correct cable btw), the stereo says “activate blue tooth audio?”, I hit “cancel” (since I want playlist controls, etc). Now at this point, it’s about 50/50 whether the ipod ap on the iphone will start playing. When it doesn’t I get “device not operational” on the stereo screen, or just nothing at all (the latter is now happening more and more). Have you heard of similar problems? Wondering what are some things I could try. (ipod via Blue tooth works fine)

    • go ahead and activate BT audio and on the iphone select dock connector it will work as advertised

      • If anyone else has this issue – my dealership figured out what was happening: The MDI cable that came with the car was made in china and there was no serial # listed on it. The cable’s wrapping even looked uneven. We ordered the recommended MDI cable (made in Slovakia – says so on the connector), and it works fine now.

  7. HI Jay – yeah these steps were tried. Lately I even noticed there’s no response when I plug in an ipod nano. I wonder if it’s that MDI cable? I noticed the way it’s designed, it’s forced to have a severe twist/bend in it, to allow the device to drop into the armrest hole. I’m seeing people complaining about iphone/ipod MDI connection/recognition problems all over the web with this RCD-510 system in the VWs. I may order another cable and see if that’s the deal. Do you know of there being any kind of hotline/email way of at least conveying this to VW? Thanks for the awesome site!

  8. Greetings Jay, enjoy the useful info; can you explain how to use the Sirius traffic in the new Tig Wlf? Thanks, Z.

  9. I am interested in puchasing a 2010 EOS and wanted to know if there was any way to disable the auto door locks?

  10. Hi Jay –

    Great site here. I’ve read through pages and pages of comments and didn’t find an answer to this: I bought a new 2010 Eos, Lux package last month. Trying to play music from my Droid via bluetooth. I’ve selected “activate bluetooth music” in the settings menu. But the Bluetooth in button is greyed out out, and the music just plays out of my phone’s speaker. The phone is paired, calls work fine. But I can’t seem to figure out why this feature isn’t working.

    Thanks in advance

  11. robert jenson

    hi jay,
    just bought a 2010 vw cc 4 motion nav. system upgrade, on sat. would like to know, how do i use vocal commands to change radio, sat. music selections? i followed your great help on utube to program my tel. commands and store numbers.
    so glad i found your website, you have been a really help.
    thanks, R

  12. Hi. I have a 2009 jetta se and have been told I can open and close the windows with the key fob. I’ve tried this feature and can’t raise or lower the windows. I’ve held down the unlock button to lower them and the lock button to raise them but have had no success. Can you help me?

  13. Best you should make changes to the post name title is LIVE Ask a VW salesguy's Blog to something more suited for your content you create. I liked the post yet.

  14. hi jay,i have an m5 vw golf,im hoping to purchase a rcd 310 or rcd 510,i was wondering can i use a hands free 3g iphone with these,and if so what will i need with rcd 310 or rcd 510, thank you paul

  15. Hey Jay
    Salesman to salesman, I was walking the lot and noticed that the Gas Jettas and the Tiguans have transmissions made in JAPAN. Have you heard anything from above if this is going to affect our product flow onto the lots on those models? Also where in Japan are these items made?

    J Duke

  16. richard hollobon

    Hi Jay

    I have a 2011 JSW 2.5 (in candada its a Golf) I have a stock rcd 310, no nav, no satelite, nothing on the steering wheel …… Can I upgrade it to be able to asp
    stream bluetooth music from my iphone 3gs, or if not does VW or anyone offer a reliable wired kit to use the changer socket ?

  17. Hi, jay!
    I want to kwow how to clean the injectors in my 07 VW jetta, i went to a vw agency and they offered me a liqui moly pack. Does it really work?
    Or do I have to ask them to clean the injectors with ultrasound. The car has 100 000 km

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