So I got a letter from VW of America and JD Power


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  1. Hi Jay,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you. You’re videos have been a tremendous help to me. I ordered a VW TDI Jetta Sportwagen in November after a lengthy research project to find a sporty, fuel efficient, fun to drive, wagon/SUV. I looked at the Venza, Outback, Honda Crosstour and a couple others. I stumbled upon the VW while checking out the Venza’s owner satisfaction rating on Consumerreports. I was surprised to learn the VW TDI Sportwagen had the highest owner satisfaction and gave it a look. After looking at the features a short test drive had me sold. I am now waiting for my VW to arrive, hopefully sometime next month.

    I am glad that VW and JD Powers recognize that you are an asset and are encouraging you to continue your work. You are by far the best source of detailed information on the internet for new and potential VW owners. While waiting for mine to be delivered I have been learning about it’s features from your podcasts.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Dude thank you also! Today I found your YouTube channel an new blog! Tremendous!

    I am based in Seoul and have a 2009 mk5 GTi with the 2010 mk6 engine and now stage 2 APR (soon to be stage3) tuning

    anyway aprt from the big love for VW I really appreciate your insights in syncing my iPhone 3Gs to the car via Bluetooth for MP3 streaming and phone usage! I had it set up an running in minutes!

    Thank you! Your service to VW is worth a million!

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