A2DP music streaming and your Volkswagen (2010 models)

Just because your new radio in your 2010 Volkswagen has an option for Bluetooth streaming it doesn’t mean that your car has the necessary hardware to make it work.

Volkswagen uses two systems on their passenger cars option 9W2 and option 9W3. here is the catch 22: option 9W2 supports bluetooth streaming while 9W3 supports voice dialing, phone book transfer (expect on Jetta TDI/SEL) and caller ID.

The ONLY Volkswagen that support A2DP are:

  • Jetta S (with optional 9W2)
  • Jetta SE
  • Jetta Wolfsburg ediiton
  • Jetta Sportwagen ( all trim levels and engines)
  • Golf (all trim levels and engines)
  • GTI

The following models DO NOT SUPPORT A2DP becuase they use option 9W3 but look at the bright side you get voice dialing!:





Jetta TDI (sedan ONLY)

Jetta 2.5 SEL


But wait there is more!!! If A2DP is more valuable to you than voice dialing or vise versa you can swap the modules! here is a link with instructions: Click here


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  1. I’d like to swap! Anyone want a 9W3?

  2. Why is the Phonebook shut off on the 2010 TDI sedan?? I know it can be turned on via the VAG COM. Will the dealer turn it on for me???

  3. Anyone know if i can get the the bluetooth in my 2010 Caddy to play music?

  4. I have a motorola Q that will not pair with the CC Sport, but my wife’s blackberry will. She can use it hands-free, and my Q has a bluetooth hands-free capability as well. My Q has no problem pairing with A2DP stereo/handsfree headset. Is it possible that my phone will not link-up because it only pairs in A2DP mode and the CC does not recognize it? Interestingly, the CC touchscreen readout has “bluetooth” listed among radio, CD and media input selections.


    • Yeah, I got the same issue on my 2010 Jetta TDI Sedan. My Sprint HTC EVO 4G won’t connect (although it will pair to the Jetta), but my wife’s Blackberry connects just fine? Very frustrating to get a sophisticated car like the Jetta just to find out its Bluetooth won’t connect to the latest Smartphone on the market.

  5. Anyone heard if there will be a SW update for 9W3 that will allow audio streaming? This seems like a problem they just couldn’t fix before they had to put the hardware in the car.


      • Finally found the answer why bluetooth audio was not streaming! I have a 2010 CC and was pretty let down when just the phone and not A2DP paired with the CC. So it’s either a software update or a bluetooth module swap. Since I have a lease I guess I am stuck waiting for a software update. Has anyone heard about newer code to make the AD2P work or, has anyone had a good workaround that does not void a VW warrantee?

        Thank you in advance!

  6. Hello!
    just got a 2010 Jetta limited edition with base radio (which i hate to say, after finding out that my ipod touch does NOT work with the ipod adapter, i wish i had fought for the touch screen nav/radio system). Was hoping that bluetooth audio streaming might solve my problem…I know this is an outdated post, but could you send me a working link to the swap pdf, or tell me where I might be able to find someone to swap modules with me? Thank you in advance!

  7. I would love to swap my 9w3 for a 9w7!! I live in the Toms River area of NJ, I have a 2010 CC.

  8. Anyway one could add A2DP to a 9W3 system?

  9. I have a 2010 VW Jetta TDI Sedan apparently with a 9w3 Bluetooth system, if I can get my hands on a 9w7 Bluetooth, can I pull my 9w3 and put in the 9w7 or will it also require a significant software upgrade to the cars audio system? Seems kind of lame that I cannot use my Sprint HTC EVO 4G phone’s Bluetooth with the Jetta’s Bluetooth system.

    • The 9W7 needs a few software tweaks to work properly but nothing huge

      • Thanks Jay! Will my dealer work with me on doing this swap and getting the software tweaks taken care of or is all of this on my own? This car is brand new – only 88 miles on it and I wonder if I’ll have to pay a pile of many to swap out the 9w3 for the 9w7? Will swapping out the 9w3 with the 9w7 solve my HTC EVO issue?

    • Did you get this figured out?

  10. Hey Guys, I have a 2010 Jetta Limited and ofcourse the AD2P doesn’t work in it, so I bought this http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-A2DP-ANYCOM-FIPO-BLUETOOTH-ADAPTER-AUDIO-RECEIVER-/190398926219#ht_2312wt_913 and It seems like I can hear music, but then the VW radio goes into search mode and then back to playing music. So I hear about a word or two and then blank and then word or two and then black again….I wonder if its possible to stop the radio from searching or something.

  11. Can I use play/next/prev buttons using a2dp on iPhone 3GS (fw 4.1). My car is an european 2011 golf model.

  12. There’s a device called: Sprint Anycom FIPO (for around $20) that connects to the ipod jack in your glove box. It allows the connection of ANY bluetooth phone or music device through (A2DP).

    • Not so fast…I got the Sprint Anycom FIPO (which does work on some devices), but it didn’t work in my 2010 Jetta with the 9W3 BT system. I did check with my local VW dealer about the possibility of swapping out my 9W3 for the 9W7 and they were not too forward leaning in their response, but did mention it could technically work, but could be expensive since my car doesn’t have the overhead BT installation that the 9W7 would require along with software adjustments.

      Bottom line – VW just isn’t cutting edge enough to adapt to modern BT devices, very disappointing.

      • Given the iPod connector pinouts (http://pinouts.ru/PortableDevices/ipod_pinout.shtml), a device like the Anycom should work with the Volkswagon radio or any radio that has an ipod connector as all the ANYCOM is doing is passing through Audio from the A2dp Bluetooth connection through pins 5 and 6.

        If you’re familiar with software engineering, your audio player must hook into the bluetooth stack and send audio through the stack in order to play correctly with the Anycom device. With Google Android (a mobile device OS), I beleive you have to treat the Anycom bluetooth connection as wireless headphones in order to have the android device stream audio through the BT Stack. Even then, it’s up to the Media playing software’s programming to handle this route. Theoritically, the routing should be done at the OS level so the default android media player should work.

        Will Steering wheel controls work? I doubt it because the anycom device has to convert a command from the media playing device (say an android phone) from bluetooth which could come in thousands of forms to either a serial command or USB command to the VW radio IN the proper legacy ipod format (different apple devices have different capabilities, the VW radio is looking for an instruction from the ipod jack). If a new apple device changes the instruction, it’s own iPOD jack might not send data correctly to the car….

      • I was going to write an android app that essentially uses the “phone” bluetooth connection profile that my CC has to trick the car into thinking my phone is making a call but instead my phone sends it music. Of course the app would know when a call comes in and would handle that scenario… but then I found the Anycom…

      • Randy, you should still write the android app…I’d even pay for it!

    • Randy, That is the same device that I bought, if you look at my comment above, I have tried everything and no matter what I do I can’t get it work in my Jetta. I can make a connection but then it just keeps searching on the radio.

  13. thanks

    i thought that there was something wrong with my phone

  14. Will this Anycom device work in my 2010 Jetta LE with the base radio and ipod adapter?

    • No, look at the comments above, I have a 2010 Jetta Limited and it doesn’t work in it. It just keeps searching and what the guys at VW dealership told me is that their implementation of ipod functionality is based on CD Changer, meaning it turns the iPod into a cd changer and then it uses to for music.

  15. The Anycom device DOES not work with the CC because it’s using an older ipod protocal. You can see a bluetooth connection between the phone and Anycom since Bluetooth is a standard and it hasn’t changed. The ANYCOM however cannot act as a remote to the CC radio because it’s sending old ipod controls that the CC’s radio does not understand since it’s using newer protocols.

    In Short, I cannot believe Car manufacturer’s have hopped on the Apple bandwagon instead of choosing standards… It’s stupid to lock down 3rd source audio components to someone like Apple who on a whim can change technology and leave you in the dark…

    If you really had the time you could easily reverse engineer the new ipod/iphone protocal (it’s all RS232) and pass through audio from a Bluetooth source similiar to what the Anycom does… There’s probably a market for it.

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