Using Volkswagen’s enhanced bluetooth connectivity with voice control (9W3)

How to set up and use Volkswagen’s enhanced bluetooth connectivity with voice control for all 2010 Volkswagen Jetta SEL and TDI sedan, Passat, CC, Tiguan, Touareg, and Eos


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  1. Видео однозначно в тему! Меня вот всегда интересовало, как можно научиться находить на ютюбе настолько классные ролики… По поиску море всягоко находится, а чтоб отыскать реально что-то стоящее – так это нуна пол дня, а то и больше потратить….

  2. Thanks for posting the video on enhanced bluetooth. For whatever reason, my iPhone phonebook will NOT show up on the MDI of my 2010 Jetta TDI sedan is your video clearly shows.

    I went through the setup two times just to be sure I wasn’t forgetting something. I’m not sure what to try next.

    The dealer in my city was no help at all.

    • That feature does not work on the Jetta but can enabled

      • You must have one of the Jetta TDI’s that have the 9W2. I am having the same problem and the dealer wasn’t aware of the problem until I called VW and asked for a supervisor. The 2010 should all have the 9W3! I am still working to get this problem resolved. You might want to call VW

  3. How do I enable storing the cell’s phone book on on my 2010 Jetta TDI ?

  4. This comes out of the website

    9w3 VW bluetooth setup and use
    This bluetooth can download your mobile phone’s phone book, make outgoing calls, and display the phone book in the MFD+ (the multifunction display on the instrument cluster), and be controlled with the buttons on the MFSW(multifunction steering wheel). If the vehicle is equipped with the Navigation/Infotainment system, the phonebook and other operations will be displayed. See the user’s manual for details on those features.
    If you don’t have phonebook in the MFD+, use a VCDS cable to activate it. Plug in the VCDS cable into your OBD2 port and start the software. Click on 77- telephone. Click on coding – 07. There are different modules so write down the number in “software coding”. If you have a 2010 model many have had success changing the software coding to 0000477. If you have the RNS 510 GPS navigation, use the code 0010477. If you have the RNS 510, hold the left/right buttons and day/night buttons to reset the RNS to recognize the change. If you have a 2009, most have not gotten this function to work when equipped with 9w3.

    I have not been able to verify it.

  5. Vagcom is the same thing as VCDS, it is PC based software which communicates over a special cable to the car’s micro processor. It allows you to diagnose problems, set diesel ignition timing, modify convenience options such as automatic door unlocking, code a replacement electronic control unit (ECU) or key to the vehicle, and monitor of many vehicle sensors for diagnosing problems.

    I plan to talk with my dealer.

  6. I bought a 2010 Jetta TDI in October 2009 and I truly think this Bluetooth is caVEMAN STYLE COMPARED TO ANY AMERICAN VEHICLE i HAVE DRIVEN OR USED PARTICURALY CHRYSLEY PRODUCTS WHICH i PAIRED MY PHONE TO A 2009 DODGE LARAMIE WITH mY gIG SYSTEM IN IT AND IT DOWNLOADED MY COMPLETE PHONE BOOK FROM A lg 10000 vOYAGER IN LIKE 6 TO 7 MINUTES This Vw will not download the phone book except like for 3 numbers and I believe something in the VW system times out and it quits downloading This feature has only been available since my dealer changed the code so I could view the phone system as when it was new you could not view anything at all on the display. I love the Car,But I’ll never buy another or recommend to anyone to either The radio and bluetooth system suck.cant even use my I-Pod as it will; not charge it while it plugged into the car. Kmon VW Lets get out into the real world!!!!

    • sounds like you are not using them system correctly. I havent had any issues like that

      • Last november I bought a 2010 Passat with the 9W3 Bluetooth radio but with no navigation system. I’ve been able to match up my LG 280 mobile phone and it download all my contact. I can make calls no problem but when I receive calls the 9W3 Terninate all of them after a couple of second. The funny thing is that the caller phone doesn’t hang up, the person is still waiting on line waiting for a response. I even bought an another mobile phone a Samsung 320 that is on the list of VW compatility list that the dealer gave me and Samsung was doing the same thing has my LG 280 phone. I can’t understand that the 9W3 unit recognise the phones and allow to make calls but not receiving them at least for a conversation.

  7. Jay, you’re my new best friend. I recently leased a 2010 Tiguan and am overall happy with it, except for the Bluetooth and iPhone connectivity.

    Thanks to your video I now have the phonebook set up for voice dialing. I’m still plucked that A2DP streaming won’t work, which the salesman told us it would. The car should at least come with a something better than a plain audio Line In input.

    Anyhow, thanks for the videos!

    • You can get an MDI cable installed if you dont already have one

    • Agreed. Not to have A2DP streaming, especially with the option clearly within the menu is very frustrating. Man, this technology unit is light on the “technology”.

      Thank you all for letting me rant, it’s very frustrating to pay over $2k for this upgrade and have it be so cumbersome and not fully functioning. I really hope VW updates firmware to allow BT Streaming, but if I understand correctly, there are hardware dependencies that just aren’t in place for it — it’s more than just a software update.

      On the positive side, thank you Jay for the video. And, this may be helpful, but when I speak a number with voice dial, I don’t pause in between the three segments of the phone number — area code, prefix, suffix — I literally just say the entire number without breaks, naturally, and it get’s it! Hey, give a point to the RNS-510! — actually, more like the BT module. 😉

      – Peace and Blessings in 2010

  8. I think we all need to start a something or other against VW and their darned Bluetooth junk I already have the paper work from the PA Lemon Law to fill out I don’t want something for nothing but I do want what their manual that comes with the car says it will do!

  9. Jay in response to your comment I have been to the dealer 5 times and they admit this is trash and doesn’t work as advertised I casn however enter names and numbers ONE DIGIT at a time So this is 2010 not 1999 Perhaps Germany is living 10 yrs behind us Although thats not a good statement as this is really a Mexican Car

  10. In response to your e-mail Why isn’t the cable already there if its available from VW or is this another way to get some more of our money They make a radio and communnication system(Bluetooth) Put Half of it in the car sell us the car then try to sell us more so it will work as advertised THATS A BUNCH OF CRAP. You know twice in the past 90 yrs we had to go over there and beat the crap out of those people to quell their greed maybe we should be thinking in the same lines again

  11. Hi, I just bought a 2010 Passat with the 9W3 Bluetooth in the car. I have an LG280 wireless Phone. I don’t have any problem to Pair my phone to the Bluetooth and I can make some Voice call with no problem.
    The only problem that I have with that unit is when I’m receiving calls, I answer the call by pressing the telephone button on the wheel, it answer the call and after 2 to 3 seconds the car Bluetooth End the in coming call but my LG280 Phone is still on line with the people who just call me. I’ve seen two mecanics guy and with their phone everything works ok. Nobody understand why the Bluetooth works well when I make the call but cut me off for the in coming call.
    Does anybody has the same problem?

  12. Welcome grcdoggy chalk up another happy customer, Got so many other problems haven’t stayed on phone long enough for this one to happen YET!

  13. Jay, really good video! Question. I’ve the 2010 Tiguan SEL w/RNS510. Your video shows cell phone commands and caller ID in the central MFD display. Mine doesn’t. Does my ride have the ability to do that? If so how?

    Thanks, Vince.

  14. Thanks for posting the video. I just bought a 2010 cc and found your video much clearer than the documentation in the manual. Is there an alternate list of all the voice commands, the one in the manual is very confusing? Volkswagen should just have dealers direct new customers to your youtube videos and blog-it’s a terrific resource you’ve provided here.

  15. weldon w wilson

    Hi zman My theory is that we all should start calling Volkswagen customer service about every hour of every day if enougnh of us did it it would create some attention in their weak minds, We buy a product thats supposed to work and it is a piece of crap in my mind almost to the point of being worthless as I can just dial my cell easier that use their trash with less time span and attention from my driving while doing so, I may sound somewhat grouchy well guess what I am when I think I pay for something thats worthless. Personally I will keep this car till spring and get rid of it although it runs fine and is very fuel efficient I become irritated with it each time I get in it and look at those worthless buttons on the steering wheel

  16. Fantastic explanation on things that were not clear in the manual!

  17. Can you pair more than 1 phone to a Tiguan?

  18. So….. I have a 2010 TDI and was playing with it last night. I have a BT Audio option that clearly allows me to “activate it” but then I see no way to paid it. Did I mis something or dos it not actualy work?

  19. weldon w wilson

    So — you don’t have to pay for Blue Tooth you just need your cell phone and pair them then it will work after a fashion sort of Cave man style though If you want to take the time to record evry phone number in it then ask it to dial a number Half the time is doesnt haft the time is says there is no phone connected too Its a Tonka Blue Tooth

  20. i am leasing a 2010 jetta tdi in nova scotia and i’ve paired my cell . in the beginning when i said dial for either the name or number it dialed however it says the name or number is being dialed but then nothing happens and then the radio or whatever starts playing again…if i dial the number on my cell phone the vw dials it…any thoughts tks

  21. Well Martin I’m heading to the VW dealer today for same reason .I removed the phone reinstalled it or paired it again and still get same problem as well as when I get in the car and try to use it it says No Phone Is available ,But if I take out the phone and dial the number on it, now suddenly the car starts working. I thought it maybe was my phone so yesterday I paired my sons phone and it doesn’t work either. Like I keep saying in other entries here this thing is a piece of junk. It wasn’t made in Der Black Forest by Der Elf’s It was made in Mexico by the Gremlins

  22. Back from the Vw Dealer they gave up and ordered a new radio LOL

  23. Is there a way to disable the incoming ring over the speakers? I prefer my phone’s ringtone to the Tiguan’s ring. Can’t see anything about that in the manual. It’s a 2010. Thanks!

  24. I just got a Jetta TDI, it doesn’t have a navigation system, but it has Bluetooth mobile telephone connectivity and the commands on the steering wheel. I can answer the phone, it woks fine; but in the MFS I do not have a phone command, I can not transfer my contacts nor do voice activated calls. Are I am doing something wrong or I need to go to service to my dealer.
    Boca Raton, Fl
    I phone and Blackberry user

  25. weldon w wilson

    Pola read my entries here THEN YOU will understand the issue you have a trash Bluetooth system

  26. I paired my Blackberry 9000 to the bluetooth. I will not transfer the phone book. I keep getting this message: Unable to locate Object Pusher Server see the manual for your Bluetooth handsfree device.
    What do I need to do?


    • get a better phone, LOL

      • weldon w wilson

        I at a standstill wondering why you said that I have to date tried 8 different phones and 3 models of Blackberrys and none I repeat none of them will upload phone book. So now I ask you what is yopur idea of a better phone let us all in on your secret!!!

  27. Trade it in!!!
    No One else can get it to work either except those who enter all info manually

  28. weldon w wilson :
    I at a standstill wondering why you said that I have to date tried 8 different phones and 3 models of Blackberrys and none I repeat none of them will upload phone book. So now I ask you what is yopur idea of a better phone let us all in on your secret!!!

    It’s called an iPhone 🙂 I don’t use voice command, because it’s so archaic but my phone list displays in the MFD and I can initiate calls very quickly using the steering wheel buttons. I”ve the 2010 Tiguan SEL with the Nav.

    • weldon w wilson

      Ah you neglected to indicate you have the navigation unit at a cost of 1700.00 and yes it may work .The other side of the coin is that we all can’t afford 1700.00 dollar navigation systems when Tom Tom makes one for 400.00 that does all the vw one does and more including the bluetooth features most of the comments on here are from people I believe that have the 9w3 system and none of them work correctly and VW knows that and haven’t even made a remote try to fix their junk. The I phone is also a very expensive item and may be nice and have a lot of features Personally so many I probably couldnt afford to pay the air time to use them.I just want to make phone calls and use the system thats advertised by VW that is supposed to keep U from dialing your phone while driving and thats where my problem lies it doesn’t work

  29. You sound pretty unhappy 😦 If you’re that dissatisfied, then you can always sell your VW and find a brand/model that puts a smile on your face! 🙂 And I’m not sure where you got the idea that I neglected to mention I have a Nav unit. It’s clearly stated in both of my posts in this forum thread.


  30. There is now a software update for Jetta and Tiguan so you get the phonebook in the MFD

  31. Is there a way to make the Bluetooth audio on the VW CC Sport 2010? Is there an adapter specific for this radio? I have a iPhone 3gs and other BT devices none seem to work with this radio?

  32. Have a new 2010 Tiguan Wolfsburg. Bluetooth phone setup works great. Is there a way to lower the volume of the ring and the voice of they system on incoming calls?

  33. Hi I recently bought a 2010 Passat and my phone pairs fine with the bluetooth however my phonebook only uploads some entries and skips some for no apparent reason. Any ideas?

  34. I have an 09 Rabbit and installed an RCD510 and a 9W3. My Rabbit has no MFD (half height) and no MFSW. I was told that I could interface with the Bluetooth using the RCD510. I can’t get this to work. I can use my phone through the car using the phones buttons (like a 9W2) but nothing appears on the RCD510. When I connect my BlackBerry 9630 it only sees the handsfree profile, no others. I can’t upload my phonebook either.

    How can I get the display on the RCD510 to work. I have access to VAGCOM.

  35. I just bought a 2010 Passat. I am able to connect my BB Tour 9630 to bluetooth. My phonebook is downloaded and shows up in the display. However, I am unable to make phone calls or answer phone calls using the steering wheel controls. With the phone buttons, I am able to make an outgoing call, but still can’t receive calls. I can’t find any answers online. Any advice?

  36. Hi Jay! First, I would like to thank you for being a great resource. The info is just incredible!!! I have a few questions pertaining to the linking of of a BB Pearl to my 2010 Touareg V6 TDI with the RSN510 (SD Slot is on the left vs bottom). I can have my BB link up w/o any issues, can call, receive calls, all is well. Following issues: My tel book will appear at times and I am able to use it. Most of the time it is not available (although the tel clearly syncs). If I miss a call, dial etc and then go to my recent calls / missed calls menu, it is always blank. Even if I had just called 10 seconds before. Also, I cannot listen to my music thru the RSN-510. is this not a feature that should be available? My sales guy (they do not have a garage, just sell to Military folks overseas, we have to go to a local VW dealer here in Italy) was able to pair up his Nokia and tried playing music. we could not hear it over his fon, although it was clearly playing, but neither thru the RSN-510. So, he was able to go one step further with the Nokia, as I can only play the music thru the fon. One more thing, is that I somehow have the first Memory Field loaded with a name from my tel book. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to erase it. Cannot find any option to delete memory within the tel book option of the RSN-510.Any help is greatly appreciated!

    • early units have an issue with certain phones, make sure you have the latest firmware (1000) on your unit. Also I will post a video on managing the phonebook and how to delete entries, keep an eye out for it.

  37. These bluetooth pairing instructions all say they are for 2010 models. Are the same instructions used for 2009 models? I have a 2009 Tiguan SE and the instructions are not working and I have been unable to pair my Blackberry Storm phone with the car’s bluetooth system. Am I just out of luck and that little phone icon button on my steering wheel will never be useful?

    • the 2009 Tiguan had the same system as the 2010. what are you having issues with? are you sure your model has bluetooth? that feature didn’t become standard till 2010

  38. Hello Jay,

    Recently purchased a 2010 Highline Jetta TDI. I believe it has the enhanced Bluetooth Connectivity with Voice Controls 9W3.

    I cannot stream audio from my iPhone, using my enhanced Bluetooth 9W3 equipment.

    Would really love this option. Is there anyway I can upgrade?

    Many thanks. Dan

  39. Jay – In answer to your question about what issues I’m having with my 2009 Tiguan: When I’m in the car and I initiate the search on my Blackberry Storm to find pairing devices it does actually come up with Volkswagen in the display on the phone. However, when I select it and enter the 0000 code I get a display saying that the device cannot be found. I can keep trying over and over but it gets to that stage and then says it cannot be found. I have a button on my steering wheel with a phone icon on it, so I figured the car had Bluetooth. Or did they just install that phone button on the steering wheel to make you wish you had Bluetooth but the button is useless?

  40. Tam I can’t help butcomment about your experience as we all have the same or worse experiences with this worthless thing. I told my dealer I have a new name for it HITLER”S REVENGE My dealer says he is just spinning his wheels asking VW to give them a heads up on what they are doing to correct this electronic Blunder they created. Oh well I been looking at Honda’s and will probably switch soon as this thing makes me sick every time I get in it anymore Good luck

  41. Weldon Wilson :
    Tam I can’t help butcomment about your experience as we all have the same or worse experiences with this worthless thing. I told my dealer I have a new name for it HITLER”S REVENGE My dealer says he is just spinning his wheels asking VW to give them a heads up on what they are doing to correct this electronic Blunder they created. Oh well I been looking at Honda’s and will probably switch soon as this thing makes me sick every time I get in it anymore Good luck

    Before you write-off the BT in VW as useless, you may want to try a friend’s phone or two, that has BT capability and see what happens. That’s the only way you’ll be able to diagnose the problem – you have to use a process of elimination to root out the true problem.

    I’ve the 2010 Tiguan SEL with RNS510 and I have ZERO problems integrating the iPhone with the RNS510. Every time I take the phone out of the car and then get back in the vehicle, the phone and car ALWAYS syncs, automatically. I can initiate and receive calls, either through the central MFD or with the controls on the 510. Sound quality is clear. The only aspect I don’t like is the voice control – it’s very primitive and I don’t use that feature. Other than that, I’ve no complaints! Vince.

  42. Jay,

    Just got a 2010 CC Sport and paired the my BB with no problem. However I got duplicates in the phonebook and a lot of entries I would never use. I deleted many from the BlackBerry but these changes dont show up on the car’s phonebook. How can I start over and reload my phonebook? I tried deleting phonebook and the car says phonebook is empty even when I can see all the entries in there.

    Thanks in advance.

  43. I have a 2009 Tiguan with the Nav System and the Bluetooth module. I can get the phone to pair but there is no phone button on the nav touch screen or on the MFD. When I push the phone button on the steering wheel or on the nav system (manual) all I get is muting of the radio and a little icon comes up on the nav screen with a speaker with a line through it. I took the car to the dealer and they are telling me it works as it is supposed to. I have watched your videos and read through your comments which have been very helpful but my concern begins with not having the PHONE button on the touch screen or on any phone indication on the MFD. Any suggestions as to what I can say to the dealer? I have tried several smeart phones with the same results – still no PHONE button. Thank you very much!

  44. …how do i set up a second cell phone on a 2010 cc sport ??

  45. tamera shively

    I bought a 2010 Jetta TDI a couple months ago. I am having two problems…one the computer display between the rpm and miles gauges never comes up with the phone settings option on the menu. I can use the phone buttons on my steering wheel and make calls and add numbers to my car phone book by voice, just like you did in the video here. Also when I am on the phone to other people they complain that they can’t barely hear me even if the car is off. So I went to my dealership to ask about these issues and they said the menu option for phone didn’t come with my car because I didn’t get the navigation just the touchscreen for radio. But I thought that if I had the phone option on the menu I could probably adjust the volume of the micro phone so my friends can hear me. I haven’t had a chance to take it into get the micro phone replaced as the dealer recommended. But I still think that I should have the phone menu….am I right or wrong?? It looks like the car in the video had the same setup as mine with no navigation and it had the phone option on the menu.

  46. Hi, I just purchased a Passat Wagon 2010 with Navigation. I am slowly figuring things out. The one hitch I am having is the Blue Tooth. I get terminated, I can’t hear the incoming call, the incoming call can’t hear me. I have a Blackberry tour 9630. the systme links fine and downloads my address book without a hitch. The dealer pulled out his phone – I can’t remember which style – and it synced right away and worked just fine.
    Is there a problem with using a Blackberry Tour 9630? Any ideas?

  47. Hi Jay. I bought a Tiguan Wolfsburg about a week ago and at that time I was able to transfer my phone book without a problem. The phone feature was working fine for a few days only. I tried pairing my blackberry again, redoing the whole things but nothing seems to work. What am I doing wrong? Why did it work for just a few days? Please advice. Thanks.

    • Veronica,

      same thing happening to me with my 2010 Touareg. I received a tip from a German Forum, to shorten the name of the BB (Before it was Kenny Blackberry 8110), which I did (changed it to Ken). it actually worked for one day. Unfortunately the next day, sos….. Back to square one. PLEASE do share any info / solution you get 🙂



    • I keep seeing more and more Blackberry users having pairing issues. I will look into this.

  48. Weldon Wilson

    It seem there are more and more happy VW Owners gathering her wonder if anyone at VW dares to look> I would personally like to greet all of you to the Happy VW Club With NO answers from Vw to fix any of their darned Junk

  49. Weldon Wilson

    It seem there are more and more happy VW Owners gathering here wonder if anyone at VW dares to look> I would personally like to greet all of you to the Happy VW Club With NO answers from Vw to fix any of their darned Junk

  50. Martin Coutts

    Hi, do you know if it works with a Blackberry 8230? Thanks

  51. I have not tried with a Blackberry, but I have tried with a Motorola Hero and that will pair but not connect as well. Very, very frustrating.

  52. Hi, I am in the process of purchasing a new phone, that will be compatible with my RNS510 (9W3). Currently, my BB Pearl will connect, but not take my phone book, nor can I see any missed / recently dialed / received calls. Can anyone give me a few tips on what make / type works the best? I am currently in Europe, so I have no chance of getting a Verizon etc. Just looking for one w/o SIM lock.


  53. Unfortunately no, the BB will download the phone book and I am able to see the calls etc ONCE every 20-25 connections. I had my car in for the 5000 mile service, had them check everything, nothing found. I did however, find that I have a so called B index RNS-510 (whereas I should have a C index, due to my car being manufactured in Dec 2009), as VW introduced the C index after the 44 week. Also my firmware and sw are not up to date. But, from what I understand, this will not make a difference…With this said, I have given up on the BB and will be looking to purchase a phone that gives me no problems whatsoever. From what I understand Jay, the iphone is the best solution? I have also heard that HCT works perfect.



    Hi Jay. Do you know what bluetooth system is fitted in the new Golf mk6 Match?
    I have one on order.

  55. I’m having problems with my Samsung Intensity phone and the bluetooth in my 2010 Jetta sedan. The phone will stay “commected” for 2-3 days and I can make and receive calls. After that, when I hit the button on the steering wheel to use the voice commands I get the following message – “the phone is not ready” (even though the phone does say its connected to the VW), and other times I’ll get the message “The pin is invalid”. This is really bugging me, because this also happened when I had an LG ENV2 2 – I thought my phone was bad and bought the new Samsung Intensity!

  56. Привет всем!
    Отличный форум 🙂

  57. I finally gave up and ditched the BB. I bought an HCT LEO2 and it works like a charm, will be getting the new Iphone 4g in a while, will see. Still having major issues getting an update for my RNS510, as it was delivered without being up to date. Locally here in Italy they can’t do anything, went to Germany, was hopeful – close but no cigar. Any tips??

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  59. Hi Jay

    Hoping you can help me out with this Voice Activated Dialling problem?

    I just took delivery of a new Golf GT TDI model (UK version) this month and the two extra’s I asked for were the Bluetooth phone prep with voice activated dialling and also the DAB radio. I previously had a March 2009 Golf GT TDI (also a Mark6) to the exact same specification including these extras.
    To my horror the Voice Activated dialling button on the steering wheel was not working on the new model. The option to “voice tag” a contact was also not showing up in the MFD in the dashboard. I have taken the vehicle into my dealership and they’ve investigated and got word back from VW UK that the Voice Activated dialling function is no longer offered! Is this not somehting to do with the coding of the black box under my drivers seat? VW have been no help at all. I’m using the same phone as with the 2009 car i had. The bluetooth pairing is all fine, its just the voice activated dialling button now only mutes the radio when i press it and nothing else happens. Can you advise?

    • I have something similar I just posted as well, where I have voice tag option in my phonebook when opened from MFI, but after I save the voice tag I have no way of using it cause all the microphone button does is mute and unmute media player / radio.. This is really pissing me off as this is the 4th problem I have had with my new golf 6 1.6 in Egypt.

      1) Faulty Gearbox at 3,000 kilometers, they got me a new gearbox and exchanged it completly under warranty.

      2) Steering wheel allignment makes car swurve to the left, and VW here told me it is unfixable due to manufacturing defect (seriously?).

      3) I bought original VW rims with the car from the VW dealership, and they gave them to me without bolts, or covers for the bolts I used from the previous stock rims. Making my rims look like crap. After that I told them what happened, they told me I can’t prove that I had no bolts or bolt covers, and even if I wanted to buy new ones they don’t have any.

      4)AC air smells like garbage everytime I turn AC on for the first 10-15 secs regardless of time, place, and in cycle or out cycle, and was told the AC filter needs to be exchanged (i dont smoke, so its not from cigarettes, and the car has only 6,000 kilometers on it so I’m pretty sure I didnt wear the AC filter out).

      It’s too bad that for such a great car I actually fell in love with, that there would be SO MANY PROBLEMS with a brand new car.. I have decided to have fun and enjoy it while it lasts (for 6 years or so..) then sell it and never ever buy VW again 🙂

      • Hey Jim I have been there with you I kept my VW 9 months and traded for a Ford all the systems work perfectly in the Ford which goes to prove my other statements in this site VW is jerking us all around and they just don’t give a shit the just want to sell their German junk made in Mexico to us Never again will I ever even look in one og=f their showrooms and So many others appear to be thinking that way also Of course there are the die hearts and they will go down with VW they can’t last at the rate they are going watch the headlines.

      • Hey Weldon.. Yeah I know what you mean.. The problem is I was a die hard VW fan due to my grandfather’s own undying passion for VW especialy their old beatle and golf. After I got my own golf though.. As much as I love the car and its amazing, its kinda like having a realy hot girlfriend who has AIDS. She looks stunning on the outside, but she’s a mess on the inside and you can’t realy enjoy her.. (AIDS is a serious disease I am in no way making fun or taking it lightly as one of my friends died from it, I am just using it to elaborate my point explaining in metaphor how VWs have an unseen autoimmune disease messing them up everywhere under the hood, and the visualy pleasing coverings of the car)

        Anyways, to get to my point.. My issue on this forum which I was asking about but I guess Jay has been sleeping since June apparently :p (wake up Jay! People need you!) was my voice activation control button for my 9w7 bluetooth not working. VW egypt “didnt know the coding for the mic button on the steering wheel” so I googled and I googled untill I finally landed across this amazing website and wrote all the possible codes down in an SMS and sent it to my mech-engineer at VW the night before I went there. They put the code I marked as “most propable for my car model, and steering wheel version” and it worked! Without trying anything else and all it took them was 3 minutes. The guy was shocked I knew this stuff and told me I should go work with them lol (even though I am a medical student!) so anyway thats that. Fixed my bluetooth problem no thanks to anyone but God, then myself. Also, told VW how to make my allignment better than it was after they took from 8am till 4pm trying to fix it with no results. I told them fix the steering wheel allignment first on the computer so its centered when I leave it while driving (the car will then swurve greatly to the left) after that put it on the tire wheels allignment machine to fix them only and not the steering wheel. So I got my car 95% perfect 😀

        Finally I just wanted to ask people here.. My DSG seems realy jerky and shifts abruptly and suddenly at low speeds.. Is that normal? As I have already changed my first gearbox (which started out like this untill it went totaly berzerk) and hope I dont have to go through that again..

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    • Before I got rid of mine it also had an issue with jerky shifting at low speeds took it back and they said it wasn’t abnormal for the trans to do that I only had 9000 miles when I disposed of it and it never got worse Its funny we experienced the same problems mine also pulled to the left and it had Hankook Tires which turned out to be a problem with the front left tire we put 2 michelins on the front bingo no more pull frigging Jap tires

  61. Hi jay..
    CAN U PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO PAIR MY i phone 3gs with my VW 2011 passat cc… i have tried several times and it says that the phone is not compatibile..and besides, my i phone bluetooth device just keeps searching and does not read the volkswagon… PLEASEEEE HELP

  62. Hey, I have this issue.. When I open phonebook from my MFI and select a name, I have a voice tag option for that name, which when I click it; a woman’s voice starts telling me to start recording or repeat or whatever I realy can’t remember now, but I do record and the car repeats the name I said and the woman’s voice says voice tag saved. Now that “microphone” button in the video here doesn’t seem to start the voice tag recognition or bring up the woman’s voice or do anything other than mute or unmute my media player/radio.. SO I have voice tags saved, with no idea how to use them.. Need help with this please :s

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  68. Hi Jay. I have a 2010 Jetta TDI and would like a list of all the SmartPhones that are compatible with the BT system in my car. I received an HTC Incredible as a gift and, unfortunately, it would not pair up with my Jetta. Soooo, I want to get another smartphone that will work. I’m considering the DROID X, DROID 2 GLOBAL, iPhone 4…. (all with Verizon). Thanks for your help.

  69. BTW How do I know if I have the 9w2 or the 9w3 BT system and how critical is it?

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  71. Can we stream music from a smart phone, i have a 2010 TDI jetta. I cant seem to make it recognize my bluetooth enabled phone to steam music, it only allows me to make/receive calls

  72. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you make this
    website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you?
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