Using Volkswagen’s bluetooth connectivity with streaming (9W2) on 2010 Jetta, Golf and GTI

Using Bluetooth on a 2010 Jetta (S, SE, Wolfsburg ), all Jetta Sportwagen models, a Golf 2.5, Golf TDI and GTI MKVI.

NOTE: Jetta TDI (sedan only) and SEL use 9W3


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  1. Why is voice control in the title of this video? I took it to mean with the voice control feature on the iPhone, but that wasn’t covered at all the in the video. It’s just the bluetooth setup for iPhone with the 9W2 system. Useful, but I wanted to know if I could press and hold now to get the iPhone to change tracks via voice, etc.

    • Hi Jay, i’m having big problems with my local vw service centre (UK London) i hope you can help, because no one know what the hell is going on??? I own a VW Golf GTD 2010 FEB). My Blackberry has no problem in connecting but my i-phone 4 is not compatible, is there any way round this? is my system 9w2 or 9w3 as vw cant tell me. please help me
      ! 🙂

  2. Hi!

    I recently ordered a 2010 Golf 1.6TDI with the Premium bluetooth 9ZU.

    Could you do a guide on that? 🙂

    Best Regards.

  3. Unfortunately that BT unit isn’t available here in the US so he can’t do a video guide on it.

  4. Hi. Jay,

    I recently got 2010 Golf in US. I could pair my phone and use bluetooh for phone call. But its radio does not have a such touch screen, and I don’t know how to activate bluetooth audio.
    Can you let me know how to do it?

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

  5. it wont work on the base radio

  6. Hi Jay,

    Great site you have here! I just started leasing a 2010 GTI (4-dr, DSG, Autobahn, Nav, 18″s) a few weeks ago, and am enjoying the heck out of this car. I’m having some problems getting my iPhone 3GS to work smoothly with the hands-free system (9W2), though. From reading other blogs and posts, it looks like I’m not alone. The 9W2 system connects pretty quickly with the phone when I get in the car, but the connection is dropped a few minutes later (unless I connect the iPhone via the MDI cable.)

    I figure it’s most likely the iPhone’s fault (currently running version 3.1.2), and have tried to deactivate the Auto-Lock and Passcode Lock, and whatever else might cause the iPhone to drop the connection. Maybe it’s a power-saving/sleep mode thing, but I still haven’t figured it out. Any suggestions you (or your other readers) might have would be most appreciated!


    • I had a GTI over the weekend and I didn’t experience the issue

      • Thanks Jay. Did you leave your iPhone on while in the car, as opposed to putting it to sleep with the power button? I tried leaving the phone (and its screen) on while I was out earlier today, and everything stayed connected. Problem is, that’s gonna use up the battery pretty quickly (unless the iPhone is plugged in to the MDI cable.)

      • You can connect to the MDI cable and use BT audi at the same time. works great

    • hay if u r still therecan I ask u what is the passcode for a 2010 GEI Go;f? I can’t get my new phone to connect. can U please help the guy at the VW place couldn’t help me ar all.

      • The numeric code mine uses is 0000 (The number zero four times). There’s another Blacktooth setting on my Android phone, to “make it visible to unpaired devices”, that needed to be turned on the first time.

  7. Hey Jay,

    Lots of good topics here, I just picked up my new golf sports wagon 2010 yesterday (Canada) and I got the premium radio. In my manual, it says to link phone, I need to hit the OK on the steering wheel and scroll down in the menu to phone, but I couldn’t find phone in the menu.
    Any idea what I could do?
    I don’t know what version my radio is.

  8. Just bought a 2010 jetta tdi, tried to hook up iphone 3gs to cord in console and got The “non compatible” message on phone. Also dash shows no phone menu. Anybody find a solution to this dilema?

  9. Hi Jay,
    Thanks for the video of bluetooth setup, great help there. After pairing the devices, why does the BT not auto connect next time I am back in the car? My husband’s car automatically connects and my 2010 JSW TDI doesn’t. Please give suggestion or solution.
    Many thanks!

    • if you turn bluettoh on after you have already been in the car it wont connect, you have turn bluetooth on before you start the car or within 5 mins of starting it (while the light in blinking)

    • did you get an answer to this? I have to keep resyncing my phone once a week now. not sure why the phone doesn’t auto connect

  10. Harry Watanabe

    Great tutorial! But still cannot pair my iPod Touch 2nd Gen with RNS 510 in my 2010 JSW TDI (My LG cell phone had no trouble at all.) After extended discussions with 2nd level Apple specialist, it’s possible that there is something wrong with the bluetooth on the Touch. But not sure right now because he can’t find detailed specs on the web for the RNS. The supplied manual for the RNS 510 is close to worthless.

  11. Jay – I have a 2009 Tiguan and it has the little phone button on the steering wheel but I have been unsuccessful in getting my Blackberry Storm’s bluetooth to sync with the car. Is the Storm not compatible with the VW bluetooth system and I’m just out of luck? Is there a list of phones that is compatible with the 2009 Tiguan or perhaps instructions? I tried following the Bluetooth Connectivity Instructions for 9W3 and my phone can’t seem to “find” the car’s bluetooth. It’s very frustrating.

  12. hi,
    well i am very frustrated and i really need help…
    i just got my 2010 GOLF GTI… and both my wife and i have iphones, and none is being accepted to be paired..
    when i start the pairing the golf is seeing my iphone and my wifes, yet when i push connect it thinks for few seconds before it gives me a message “phone not compatible” there is nothing i can do? i paid a lot for this option and not being able to do it is frustrating…
    i also tried to see the volswagen on my iphone’s as per one of your video but the iphone is not seeing the vw…
    pleeease help

    • Hi.

      I guess you chose the premium BT handsfree option? In that case, iPhone is not compatible with it.

      The Premium BT handsfree uses RSAP/RSIM to communicate with the phones, and iPhone don’t support that mode, mostly Nokia phones and also Windows Mobile phones.

    • make sure you have the latest firmware on your iPhone, i haven’t had any issues.

  13. Great Video, thank you.
    Can the 9W2 be paired with more than one phone at a time? Or would I need to manually pair it each time I switch between Work and Cell Phones?

  14. I recently purchased a VW jetta wolfsberg 2.0T with 9W2 bluetooth. I have a blackberry tour, which synced with the bluetooth very easily and worked well for the first 3 weeks.

    Lately whenever i enter the car, it automatically syncs but the audio system goes to mute and the green light is blinking as if i am talking on the phone when i am actually not on the phone. i tired to turn the phone off and turn it on, did everything possible. When i try to call somewhere and then hang up, it goes back to playing music, but the green light is still blinking.

    Do you know why this can happen? how can i make it normal again?

  15. is there a way to reset the bluetooth 9W2?

  16. Yvettelk :
    I have the exact same problem. Same car. Same phone. It worked for about a week and a half then just stopped!

    Well not the exact same thing. My connection keeps terminating after it is connected.

  17. I just got my Golf VI GTD today and when I try to connect the iphone i got the “no compatibility” message. What can I do ?


  18. the first 4-5 months I had my new Golf with 9w2 and the bluetooth synched flawlessy with our iPhone and Samsung Magnet, now it tends to drop both devices on a weekly basis and we end up having to resync them again. anyone else experience this problem? any suggestions? we end up deleting the connection from our phones and then resynching again. it seems to hold for about a week.

  19. thx for the great guide. can this unit be retrofit on to 06-08 mkv jetta? my jetta is 2.5 se model without the steering wheel controls.

  20. Very cool. Thank you.

  21. Hi Jay, thanks for the great blog.

    I just leased a 2010 Jetta SE, with the 9W2 system and I have it paired to a Palm Pre. I can answer calls by pressing the “phone” button, but I cannot end/disconnect a call by pressing the same “phone” button in the headliner. All other BT buttons work.

    Have you heard of anyone else having this problem? Perhaps someone at your dealership has a Pre and can let me know. My Service Advisor has no idea.


    Thanks for an awesome resource!

    • The pre may not support that feature, everyone here has blackberries or iPhones and I have no way to test it. my friend told me she has no such issue on the Palm Pre plus

  22. Just bought a 2010 Golf. Great car to drive, but stupid to offer any BT system you have to dial the phone out. Not truly a ‘hands free system’ and I wonder how many accidents will happen b/c someone is trying to dial while driving. Mazda 3 comes with the voice BT standard. If I had known about this before purchase, I would not have gone with the Golf.

    Temp solution is to have my regular contacts on speed dial and mount the phone on the dash, but I bought this car w/BT to solve my problem, not make new ones. Hope VW sorts this out for their next model.

  23. Great job! This came in handy… just got new phone and needed a quick reminder about pin 0000. Thanks. As far as the bluetooth not being the best… sure, I’d agree… but is better then nothing, and all in all very happy with my 2010 VW jetta wolfsburg. Thanks again, live long and prosper!!

  24. We just got a 2010 Jetta with hands free bluetooth and have had no problems pairing it or with its function. When we enter the car after it has been off, it automatically goes to phone on the radio screen. In order to get it back to regular radio/cd/mp3 function we have to dial out on the phone and hang up. Is there another solution to this problem?

  25. Just got a 2010 Tiguan Wolfsberg, that I’ve successfully paired with my iphone using the steering wheel controls. I can make calls and it syncs fine, but I can’t get the iphone / bt audio streaming to work. I enabled BT audio in the touchscreen stereo settings, but it doesn’t pick up the iphone when I switch to ipod mode and play music. Any ideas how to get audio streaming to work?

  26. Ah, that’s too bad! Thanks for the info. Love your work!

  27. Hey There

    I just got a 2010 Jetta last week and the Phone Menu does not display in the MFD. Also when I get a call or anything, nothing at all shows up in the MFD. My bb 970 pairs fine and works with the bluetooth in the car, it;s just nothing shows at all in the MFD and that’s the whole fun part of bluetooth. Any ideas?

  28. Just got my 2010 Golf TDI with 9W2. Will a dealer swap out my 9W2 with a 9W3 and get it set up properly? I know some folks are buying the 9W3 on line and doing it themselves. Some successfully, but some not getting all functions to work properly.


  29. When I get into my 2010 Golf, the bluetooth amd my blackberry link up as they should. But, as soon as they do, the phone symbol appears on my touch screen and mutes the stereo even though I am not making a call. I have disconnected and reconnected a couple of times but it keeps on doing it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  30. I just purchased a 2010 Jetta SE with the iPod dock in the center console. Bluetooth has synced fine, I am now trying to play music from my iPhone 3GS to my car. When plugged into the dock a message pops up indicating it is not compatible. Are there any cords available for purchase to make this possible? The car does not seem to have any other AUX options. Thank you

  31. I felt really cheated when I learned that I had a crippled bluetooth. Is or will it be possible to upgrade the receive only Bluetooth to the 9w7 that allows calling out also?

  32. Please read Victor’s comment: The iPhone 3GS, American version, will not work with the 2010 VW Jetta SE Premium system: 9W2. The unit uses a profile called RSAP: Remote Sim Access Profile – which is actually a protocol stack, sorta, for the more advance bluetooth devices – less secure though. In essence, your head-unit does connect to your iPhone 3GS for a moment, until the unit starts to pull your SIM information from your iPhone. This feature is disabled on American iPhone 3G and iPhone 4. I say, “American” because the Canadian model of the iPhone 3GS which has the bluetooth unlocked, WILL WORK with the car and At&t, if ordered from them, and NOT from Apple Store, will order from that pull of stock and then you’re in luck. There is a part for VW: UHV – low Bluetooth car kit for about 400 buck, that will replace the Bluetooth brains, which Nokia designed for the car. The iPhone 3G will work with the car – NO FIRMWARE OR OS LEVEL upgrade will resolve this issue and any Apple Support Specialists will tell you this!
    Sorry, Jay, I realize you got iPhone ‘video’ happy – an impression for the boss- and it’s much appreciated, but these are the facts, after researching countless hours for 4 months.
    Phones that will work:
    Nokia – most all
    LG – most all
    Samsung – most all
    Others: Hit or Miss

  33. Correction for:This feature is disabled on American iPhone 3G and iPhone 4. I meant to type:3GS

  34. Unbelievable: All you Mac lovers, you have a problem. The iPhone, any series, will not work unless you put your phone in recovery mode; plug it into Windows XP or Windows7; have iTunes find the phone in recovery mode and sync. You will lose your contacts; however, take it to your iTunes on your Mac and sync it with your contacts on your Mac, overriding the contacts of your iPhone, and it still will work in your car – most – I’m hoping…Works in mine, after 5 months of trying…

  35. You must have the iPhone in recovery mode before re-flashing the firmware under a Windows environment, then click “restore.”

    When the iPhone is in Recovery Mode, the firmware, which is laid down before the OS, will be rewritten under that Windows Environment. You can’t just plug the iPhone in the Windows iTune and click “Restore.” It will not work.

    To put your iPhone in recovery mode – Hold down the Sleep button and Home button simultaneously for 10 seconds; release the Sleep button while still holding the Home button for 2 seconds.
    The iPhone shuts off. Plug into iTunes and receive the message from iTunes – a popup dialog box:
    “Your iPhone is in recovery mode. You must restore your phone.”
    Then, click Restore in iTunes.

  36. Hello Jay. Thanks for posting te video. I just bought a 2010 Jetta Limited Edition. It has Bluetooth calling, ipod adapter which i guess replaced the AUX input which I loved on my 2007 Jetta. It has the base radio. Can you add Bluetooth Audio to the car and/or install an AUX input?


    • you can retrofit an AUX jack but wave the iPod good bye. but for the cost involved I would just go buy a second hand ipod classic. The radio on the LE does not support Bluetooth audio

  37. My wife has a 2010 | Golf TDI with the premium touch screen and bluetooth. He 3G iphone syncs up fine with the bluetooth but when she receives a call, the touch screen only says “Telephone” and does not show name of who is calling as shown on the iphone. Any suggestions on how to get the name to carry over to the touch screen?

  38. We have a 2009 Jetta TDI. I recently upgraded my phone from a Samsung Eternity, which worked great with the Bluetooth feature, to a Samsung Captivate…which works not at all :(. This was one of my favorite features, and now I can get the phone/car to pair right when I turn the car on, but within five minutes, it drops the phone, and I cannot get them to reconnect without turning the ignition off and starting all over. Any suggestions?

  39. I own a 2010 Golf TDI. VERY easy to follow. I had simply never bothered to set my phone up, since I don’t usually talk much in the car anyway. When I looked through the VW owner’s manual, I didn’t readily find any helpful Bluetooth tips. After your short video, I walked out to the car, and was ready to go in less time than it took to watch the video in the first place. Thanks. Now I one less excuse to drive like a maniac.

  40. Your videos rock!

    As a recent buyer of a TDI Sportwagen, I am more than a bit miffed to have the limited function bluetooth unit. To your knowledge, are dealers or the VW organization ever receptive to upgrading the bluetooth units for otherwise polite customers having a hissy fit? Thanks again

    • it is an expensive upgrade (close to $700-$800) it is going to depend on the dealer.

      • Jay, does VW reimburse dealers for doing this? (I wouldn’t expect any dealer to be willing to do it on an out-of-pocket basis.)

        I’m just trying to understand where I should direct my beef – to the dealer or to the regional VW rep. Thanks

  41. forget the concerns about the stock bluetooth system and on to more important things like VW warranting the $10,000 hpfp’s on the TDIs. . i could care less about the bluetooth. small potatoes in comparison.

    • Interesting. Has anyone considered whether there is a correlation between this problem and fuel sources used?

      As with Top Tier Gas in the gasoline world, it’s not true that diesel fuel is diesel fuel. The problems with both contaminated supplies and also “dry” diesel fuel have been known in the US for >30 years. Dealers and mechanics I’ve known have always recommended buying top national brands and avoiding the truck stop/independent shops. While multiple brands often are often sourced out of the same refinery in a given region, additive packages differ from brand to brand.

      Maybe that’s not the issue and it’s truly a systemic problem. I’d be curious to know if the European specs for diesel fuel differ significantly from the US ones, and if the (hundreds of thousands of) VW diesels there are experiencing the same problem.

  42. Yes US diesel is much lower in lubricity than fuel in the UK, but Bosch and VW know this and are responsible for the hpfp performing well regardless. Bosch clearly states in an article that US specs are not ideal for the longevity of the high pressure fuel pump. NHTSA is investigating this it seems. Google jet tdi stalling NHTSA.

  43. That is jetta tdi not jet.

    • I looked at the link you provided and did some googling. Did you notice on that site that one owner has the problem with two cars? Coincidence?

      I’ve driven diesel cars (not trucks) for a long while and have known many people who had fuel-related problems that for whatever reason I’ve avoided. Maybe just dumb luck, but I’m careful where I buy fuel. I have gas and diesel cars and I double check each time before fueling that I’m putting the right thing in the right place. Dirty or contaminated diesel has been around since forever, cars are more susceptible to resulting problems than are trucks, no reason to think that isn’t still a risk.

      Seems like Bosch et al are pushing for 460 while the US standard is max 520. I don’t have the chemical engineering background to understand this difference (do you?) but if the relationship between these is linear, I don’t see this gap as a big deal.

      I’ll leave it to the people who are smarter and better educated on the subject than I am to figure out what is required. I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.

  44. Jay- Back to the iPhone. I have had no problem with the bluetooth or calling, but I have an odd problem with using the media function. It seems to play podcasts just fine when plugged into the MDI cable, but I cannot play any of my CD-loaded or iTunes-purchased songs, talks, books, etc. Just for “science”, I plugged in my old iPod nano and everything worked great. I drive a 2010 Jetta TDI Sportswagen.

    • Thats wierd. sounds like it is your iphone and not the car

      • Jay. I just got a 2011 Jetta. May have the same problem as SBStewart using my iPhone. I can see all the songs on the screen, but I can’t change the song selections and get no sound out. If I start a song playing on the iPhone and then plug it in it will come through MDI and display the song that is playing, but I still can’t change with the menu on the head unit. Rather large disappointment. Guessing the dealer won’t have a clue. No problem streaming BT but I really rather use MDI.

    • SBStewart. I restored my iPhone with iTunes and it now works fine. Apparently something was corrupt. The problem you describe sounds very much what I had. BT worked fine, but MDI would not allow me to make song selections although they were on the screen. Take note that if you are using BT paired with the car and MDI for music you have to select the dock as your sound output each time you start the car.

  45. Jay, watched your video and successfully connected my samsung fascinate yesterday. But today I am not getting the green light. The devices are paired but not connecting. Any suggestions on how to correct? Thanks

    • reset your phone and try again

      • Jay, I have the new 2012 VW with RNS 510 system. It will not automatically pair with Verizon Fascinate. The phone says it is connected, but the car doesn’t recognize it. I then manually disconnect the phone and reconnect. It works until I leave the car. Ideas?

  46. Hi Jay – I’ve been reading through the posts and recently had to purchase a new cellphone. I picked up a samsung sph-m540 but my phonelist doesn’t transfer to the bluetooth in my 2010 Jetta TDI. I had no issues before with my motorola krazr, had all the bluetooth capablities. Is there a list of compatible phones like the manual says? My dealer didn’t know anything about a Canadian one.

  47. Awesome website. I have a quick question. I purchased a 2010 Golf 2.5 in June with the basic stereo and Bluetooth 9W2. About a month later I installed an RCD-510. Is there any way to get the BT streaming to work with the RCD-510 after replacing the basic stereo? I know that it won’t work with the basic stereo.

  48. Jay, Thanks for the baseline info. I have a 2009 TDI with a dealer-retrofitted bluetooth. My Droid Ally hooks up fine. When I try to make the handshake with a second phone, an identical Droid Ally, bluetooth doesn’t find the phone. Will bluetooth support two identical phones at one time?

  49. I just bought a Vw passat 2011 with phone feature , but it is not connecting with my iPhone and keep telling ” device not compatible” on the other hand nokia phone is connecting in no time

    Could u please help me on that

  50. I have a 2010 Passat Komfort that is 4 mos old, 3000 miles in it. While using the bluetooth in an ongoing call, the bluetooth suddenly died. The call was still active on my phone. I called the dealer who blamed my Droid 2 saying..well there are issues with that phone. I tried hard to explain it to 3 different techs that the option for the bluetooth mysteriously disappeared from the MFD and that my phone is not the problem. I finally set up a visit with the dealer for a service appointment. The next tech guy who welcomed me commented that several VW Passatsand a CC have come back with the same issue. After examining it they determined that the bluetooth module was “fried” and they oredered a new one for me. After a week, I brought it in today and it works like new. It’s a pisser though that I can’t stream my music to the passat even though it shows up as an option in my radio. Blame it on a “9w3” I guess.

  51. Jay, I have a 2010 Jette SE 2.5 I’m able to pair my Blackberry Bold and use the phone function. I’m having trouble getting the streaming to work. I’m using Pandora app and it breaks the link to the radio after each song. Any suggestions?

  52. i have a 2009 jetta my phone active system will not turn off how can i turn it off?
    please help.

  53. Hi Jay, could really do with your help.
    I have a UK VW Golf Mk6 Match Bluemotion Tech 1.6TDi and have been unable to get the bluetooth connectivity to work with either a HTC Desire or iPhone4. I have read loads of forums from people experiencing similar issue but no one has found an answer that i can see. The car and phone can see each other and pair/connect but then i cannot make or receive any calls via the car. Any suggestions how to get this working, it’s driving me insane. My previous car had a basic Parrot system installed and this worked perfectly.

  54. Jay,
    HELP!!! I am leasing a 2010 Jetta limited edition. I LOVE this car, but the ipod interface in the armrest is so useless that I want to turn the car in. All I want is an aux input! I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for a way to do this and really cant find a definitive answer! My dealership won’t help, and VW corporate has no idea what I am talking about. Do you know how to do this? I know a lot of other people are in this boat!

  55. Hi. I watched your video about syncing the iPhone 4 with a 2010 VW Jetta. It was right on, but I’m still having trouble. I’m on my 3rd iphone, so now I’m thinking it’s the car. Anyway, I have a 2010 Jetta and my problem is that the phone and car do not sync with each other when I enter the car. I have the bluetooth settings to on, I have paired the two and used it, but as soon as I shut off the car, I have to pair them again the next time I get in. I want to be able to keep bluetooth on in the phone and not have to pair them every time I want to use it or be in the bluetooth screen on my phone. What am I doing wrong?! I’d really appreciate your help. It’s “driving” me nuts. Thanks.

  56. Hi Jay,
    I just leased a VW Jetta TDI 2011.
    I successfully connected my Samsung Intensity. I can make a phone call through the Bluetooth, but when I get a call, the bluetooth doesn’t pick it up. Even if I accept the call directly on my cell, the radio is still playing and I can’t hear my caller even in the phone itself. I guess it’s my phone’s settings because my husband’s cell works just fine. Can you help me about wich settings I should check on my cell?

  57. Kelsey Custard

    hi jay!,
    i need help! i have a 2011 golf with an iphone4. the bluetooth has been working fine and has been very easy for me to use…until a few days ago! it just stopped working. i turn my bluetooth on and when i press the vwphone but it cannot find the vw bluetooth. its says to make sure the vwphone is turned on and in range. how do i make sure it is “turned on and in range?”.
    i am very confused.
    plus my phone never automatically syncs when i get in the car.

  58. I have a 2011 JSW and BT worked fine until a few days ago. Now it doesn’t show up on the MFD and my phone can’t find it. Is it possible that I disabled it somehow?

  59. Jetta 2010 car , iPhone 4…how do I connect my satellite radio to play since my phone is not compatible? Auxiliary cord or Bluetooth.

  60. Hey Jay,
    I work for Jeff D’ambrosio VW as a Sales Consultant and I just sold a customer a 2011 Jetta TDI. She has an IPhone as her work cell phone and a Droid as her personal cell phone. We figured out how to pair them, but we are wondering how to switch between the two phones while she’s driving. For instance, how to answer calls from both phones or access both phone books during the same drive. I would REALLY APPRECIATE the help.

    Thanks so much,


  61. George Esqueda

    Hi Jay, I have a Jetta WOLFSBURG 2010, It was working the bluetooth with my old cell phone, Now I have a Palm Pre with WEBOS 2.1.0 and I can not connect it with the bluetooth. What I have to do to ?
    Thanks for your help

  62. I have a similar problem to Kelsey above. Brand new Seat ALhambra (VW Sharan) arrived last week, paired seemlessly with my iphone 3GS (phone and BT audio connecting automatically) : one week into ownership and the car’s VW bluetooth suddenly nowhere to be found. Tried factory resets, unpairing, using a different phone, it’s as if the phone option just isn’t there any longer… Have VW got a common fault with their BT modules here? Is there any way of testing it?

  63. Further to above… took it to dealer today who struggled for an hour or so and eventually got it working again but confessed to not knowing why. They think disconnecting unit from power for half an hour probably reset it somehow… Anyway probably worth trying that if anyone encounters a similar problem. Ahh, the joys of modern electronics!

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