How to stream music from iPhone via Bluetooth to the VW 6 disc changer (RCD-510)

UPDATE: This feature only works  2010 JETTA SE, WOLFSBURG, SPORTWAGEN 2.5 or TDI, GOLF, AND GTI with “bluetooth connectivity 9W2). it does not work on vehicles with “enhanced bluetooth with voice controls 9W3”.


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  1. Hi mate, good blog congrats, well my girlfriend buy a Tiguan 2010 here in México, I want to make my iPhone works with his radio the manual say’s that is a RCD 510 Radio, I’m trying to find if this car have a bluetooth device, but I think yes, because the radio has the option of BT Audio and in the car’s roof has a little button with the bluetooth logo, but when I try to find a device on my iPhone, I can’t find anything and with other phones like motorola radios and other I can’t see the device on the list, did you know if I need to activate the radio bluetooth and how can i activate the radio bluetooth?? Thanks in advance and have a nice day.

  2. Just picked up my 2010 Jetta TDI today. No nav system, so I guess tis the RDS510. Voice dialing works and no problem viewing my phonebook. Tried to stream audio from my Iphone 3gs. Followed your directions, but cant get it to work. Do not see the vw bluetooth connection in ipod app as you show in your video. Does the dealer have to tweak something??

  3. Hi Jay,
    Do you know if the 2010 VW Jetta TDI supports bluetooth audio streaming on the Motorola Droid? I’m looking to try and stream Pandora, slacker, Last.FM, etc. Do you know if this is possible, and/or how to set it up?

  4. I have 2010 Golf GTI with standard dealer BT kit and RCD 510. So no push to call or phonebook but music streaming and calls work great from iPhone 3GS. However I can’t get any audio from my Sygic GPS over BT from the iPhone, even though starting the app does innitiate the BT audio connection just fine. As this is active the iPhone speaker is muted and I have no sound at all.

    Thanks for great info.

  5. Hi Jay,
    Dear Jay

    My name is Leonardo Travassos. I’m a almost 100% happy guy today as I just got my Jetta SW 2011 from the VW dealer (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil). My happiness is not complete because I’m not being able to pair my iPhone 4 with the RCD 510 Premium 8 system. It simply does not show on my phone (neither on my 3GS or any other BT device). Actually, it did show once (pairing was unsuccessful) and then never again. I’m really frustrated right now, considering to return the bloody car…Please, could you help me?


  6. Leo, tambem acabei de comprar o carro e estou com o mesmo problema. Até agora descobri que o BT do nosso iphone nao é compativel com o do rcd 510… teriamos que usar um app do iphone para achar esse radio,,, bem,,, por outro lado, li que existe um video youtube mostrando um cara que fez isso….entao ja nao sei mais nada… acho que vou numa loja de som ver isso,, o seu veio com manual do radio? sabe se apesar do radio mostrar bt o kit esta instalado?, abs, boa sorte

  7. Just got a 2010 Jetta TDI brand new. I can’t get BT audio streaming to work from my iPhone 4. I don’t know if it has the 9W2 or 9W3…how do you tell? I do have phone call support via steering wheel controls.

    I do have the built in iPod/iPhone connection in the pocket between the front seats but I have the “bumper” case on my phone and it appears to prevent that cable connector from fully seating. Do you know of any converters/adapters to accommodate this situation?

    Know of any cool iPhone holders that mount up on the dash like around the radio display or on the vents that
    * accommodates the iPhone 4 bumper case
    * connects via cable to the port in that pocket between the seats? This would mean a cable extender I would assume. The provided cable is way to short. Then I could use GPS features as I drive.

  8. I have VW Passat 2009 with no Bluetooth module installed , I can’t do pairing
    It has RCD 510 with Bluetooth audio option existing.
    The phone button on the RCD 510 is only making silent volume .. And the phone button on the steering control is not working …
    No kit installed below the front passenger chair.
    Please advise how to operate the Bluetooth.

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