VW.com has been updated!

You can stop biting you nails now, Volkswagen has updated their site to reflect the 2010 Golf and GTI ! So go ahead and start pricing your future MKVI. I built a 2010 Golf TDI with just about every option and accessory I would want one it and came up with a $33,000 Golf TDI.

Screen shot 2009-10-17 at 10-17-09   2.29.38 AM

Take into consideration that government will give you $1,700 of that back  at tax time if you choose a DSG and $1,300 if you choose to six speed manual. Head over  to http://www.vw.com/lineup/en/us/ and build your own! But if you want a Golf TDI better get in line many of them are already pre sold well ahead of the Nov 15th release date.


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  1. Hi,

    Just stumbled upon your site and thank goodness. I found the answer I have been looking for!
    Thank you!

    I am a first time owner of a used VW Touareg and I had it in the shop for engine problems two weeks ago and had to take it back again this week also. The dealer (not VW) that I bought it from could not figure out the dashboard light I was telling him about. Besides the engine like, a snowflake light came up and no one seemed to know what it meant. I live in Japan and was confident enough in my language skills to express my concerns to them but even after they looked through their Japanese VW touareg manuals they still could not provide me with an answer. Thanks to you site, I now know what it is.
    Thank you!
    Thank you!

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