Got a 2010? Your clock is NOT broken!

It turns out that some folks cant get the clock to read “AM”. Actually this isnt an issue at all so this is clarification for those of you with a 2010 Volkswagen with Automatic transmission (except Routan and Touareg) . For 2010 VW has changed the  clock display as well as the “gear” display on the multifunction  indicator (also known as the little screen between the gauges).

Most people adjust the clock while sitting still with the transmission in park and since the clock and transmission display are next to one another it appears that the time is set to PM. The display will show 10:35 P making you believe you just set the time to 10:35 PM but in actuality all the car is telling you is that it is 10:35 (or whatever you set the time to) and the car is in Park (P) , shift into drive (D) and now the display will show 10:35 D.

Odds are that if you are in the car you will be able to tell if it is 10:35 Am or PM so there is no need to display PM or AM. You may now stop calling your local service departments about it.



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  1. What if you live in Russia, Alaska, Northern Canada…? I have no idea what other markets this car is sold in but it’s an honest mistake.

  2. Edit: I’m in my second VW and neither have indicated AM/PM so I know that it’s commonly seen.

  3. Is there no date setting? If there is a date, then setting AM & PM is actually pretty critical.

    • Why is the AM/PM critical? You can see very clearly in the pictures that the time shown in the picture is in the 24 hour format. You do not use AM/PM in a 24 hour form. This is common sense.

  4. why would the date have to be critical with am/pm.. cant you tell the difference between 12am (midnight) and 12pm (middle of the day)? if you cant you should see someone about that

  5. If I don’t know the difference between night and day…the proper display in my car is the LEAST of my problems.

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