Using enhanced Bluetooth(9W3) with Navigation (RNS-510)


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  1. Jay,

    Very helpful videos. I have my Sanyo Katana cellphone hookep up (bluetooth) to the RNS510. Not all my contacts show up on the RNS510 and new additions do not get updated. I thought that maybe if I delete the contact list on the RNS510 I would be able to reload the list. I’m not sure how to delete the contact list on the RNS510. Any suggestions on how to get all my contacts uploaded? Thanks in advance.


  2. I have 2010 TDI Diesel Sportswagen w/ all the options & accessories!

    Yet, I have only a an AUX connector instead of MDI interface! How do I connect my iPOD w/ or w/o the DOCK to this outlet? Will I be able to control the iPOD then through the RNS 510 Navi Screen?

    My sticker says that my car has Enhanced Bluetooth Package! Does it refer to 9W3 or 9W2? As it is I cannot do voice out calling or thro’ the NAVI screen or steering wheel controls? What gives?

  3. Vince,

    I have the same issue. The 2010 Jetta Sportwagen comes with the 9W2 not the 9W3, so no voice controls….argh. I even have the RNS510 NAV but the 9W2 doesn’t allow for phone synchronization so I have a PHONE button that acts as a mute.

    Jay – will the dealers complete the 9W2 to 9W3 “fix” you mention?

  4. I have a 2010 Tiguan SEL. My car salesman has connected my Samsung Omnia twice, to the car. But when I get out of the car, and take the cell phone with me, the bluetooth turns off. Fine. When I get back into the car and activate my bluetooth, I can’t get a connection with the Tiguan. But the salesman can. What can I do with the car to get this one time connection to last longer than when I get out of the car? Thank you.

  5. If there is no permanent connection, what can I do to the Tiguan to reconnect each time I get into the car

  6. Can anyone help me i have just fitted an RNS 510 in my golf, i also fitted a multimedia adapter for my rear veiw camera, but i cant get it to work at all, even going through the menu in the 510 i cant find it, can anyone help me on this one thanks.

  7. I have the RNS 510 version B manufactured 2009, my car is a VW Golf 1.6 FSI year 2006 the dash and everything lights up RED, could you please advise me which version of Bluetooth I need, to be compatible for my car, I would appreciate any help thanks.

  8. Just bought a 2010 jetta sportwagon w/rsn 510 bluetooth and found out that I cannot use voice command or even access the phone book with my phone. The dealer has told me I am SOL and that is just the way it is. Help Me!

  9. Hi Jay,

    I have the RNS 510 version B which already beed updated to Version C and with the 268X firmware. Im driving a VW touareg 3.6 MY 2007 November. Problem now is when start my navigation….there is no voice guidence.. cant hear any male or female voice? ANd also my voice control….its respond when i talk but there’s no voice from the RNS510/ What could it be?
    Waiting for your reply soon.
    Thank you!

  10. I just bought a 2011 TDI Sportwagen w/ RNS-310 system.

    The system will pair with my Droid X phone to make and receive calls, but I cannot access the phone book, recent calls, etc. (So to call someone hands-free, I have to pick up the phone and look up the number, then type the number onto the touch screen while driving).

    Is there a software update or something I need to do for the car to sync w/ the Droid X?


  11. Hi,

    I have a 2009 jetta sportwagen se with the RNS-510 navigation system and i can’t quite seem to get the bluetooth streaming to work. I have activated the bluetooth audio and have followed the video #21 but it does not seem to work. Do you have any solutions for me?



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