Using an iPod/iPhone with the new VW cd changer (2010 or latter)


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  1. Whoa! Your car gadgets are really gorgeous. Thanks for the video guide. It was really helpful. And take care of your boss’s iPod 🙂

  2. I have the factory installed ipod connection in the glove box, but all the songs sound terrible. Any suggestions?

  3. Jay,
    Thank you for your very informative videos. I have ordered an new Golf GTi and take delivery tomorrow. Your videos have been a great source of information and actually helped me decide to buy a VW. Your Aussie colleagues own you part of their commission.

    Sydney Australia.

    • Your welcome and congrats on the GTI

      • Hello, great site, very informative. I have a question, my wife recently got a 2010 Jetta with the console Ipod adapter. It worked fine with her nano but when we attach my gen 1 iphone or her 3rd gen itouch it does not recognize them. The local VW dealer is NO help as they have no idea how it works. Can you help??

      • Try unplugging the cable at it’s base, reconnecting and try again

  4. Jay-
    Thanks, I did that as soon as I realized that it was not working. Is there a list of compatible IPods for this specific system, or should all of them work??

  5. Jay,
    Great vid! I have an iphone 3GS and a new 2010 CC…the MDI is in the glovebox…I hook up the phone and want to only charge it and use bluetooth while on the road…it does not allow it and tells me to switch to airplane mode….this will obviously shutoff the phone signal…any suggestions?…BTW, it loaded over 400 contacts no problem on the BT…..sounds fine on da road too….

  6. Just bought a 2010 Jetta with the ipod adapter in the armrest. Which ipod generation will charge when connected?


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