How it all began…..

Hello everyone!

My name is jay Pichardo and I have been a VW salesman for 4 years. during my years at Volkswagen I have noticed that less and less people take the time to learn about what they sell and pass this info on to costumers. While I am no know-it-all pro, I spent much of my downtime researching and learning about my product and have became the go to resource guy for must of the guys I work with.

In a recent trip to Southern New Jersey I posed as a costumer interested in a new Volkswagen. I walked in and told the guy I was looking for a 09 Volkswagen and I wasnt sure what I wanted:

” Hello I am looking for a new car and my must haves are DSG, TSI and the RNS-510″ The guy looked at me like I had 3 heads. “I dont think they have those in the US market, lets go inside and I can ask my manager”. A few days latter  back at my dealer a co-workers approached me and asked me  to show his costumer how set up the MDI with his iPod, after shaking my head for a few seconds it hit me. maybe not everyone is as much of a tech geek as I am, I have owned 5 Volkswagens, I spent countless hours a day reading blogs and forums, and I have logged many hours at VW training classes, I cant expect everyone to be like me.

But does every dealership have a “Jay” sitting around? and if the sales people don’t tell costumers how do they find out about the cool things the cars can do? and no nobody reads the owners manual!

So armed with my new found wisdom I grabbed a camera and went around the lot and started a series of videos to teach people and other sales people about the really neat features that VW has put on our cars, the rest is history.

So welcome to my blog! first and foremost I was born and raised in a island so pardon my poor grammar skills and heavy accent, I try my best. I will be using this blog to bring you my latest videos and the latest on VW news.




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  1. Jay, becoming your number one fan LOL. I experienced this dealer ignorance first hand. They don’t bother explaining features. As an example, I put in a panicked call to the VW dealer because I couldn’t figure out why the Tiguan didn’t have an accessory position on the ignition switch. My issue is that when I turn off the ignition, I want to still be able to listen to music. Every other car I’ve owned, has an an accessory position on the ignition. You turn to accessory to provide some power to components in the car such as the stereo without having the engine running. The service department was clueless. I called my salesperson. He couldn’t immediately provide me an answer, but called me back to tell me that you just have to press the RNS-510 power button and voila, I got music with the ignition off! Turns out the power stays on for 30 mins. Where was that bit of info in the owner’s manual? It wasn’t in the main section of the owners manual. It was in the RNS-510 supplement! BTW, those owner manuals are some of the absolute worst manuals I’ve ever read! Definitely not user friendly! I’m still trying to figure out the voice commands section!

    Anyway, enough with the rant! Thanks for your service! Vince.

  2. Jay,

    I’m very impressed with your blog. I just leased a new 2010 CC Sport, DSG, and love it! You’re blog makes me feel like this, my first VW purchase ever (I’m 51, and have owned Hondas, Acuras, Toyotas and the odd GM or Ford car or truck) feel like a wise choice. Thank you for the videos and I will be subscribing on YouTube!


  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your knowledge! I’m by no means a tech genius but usually have no trouble figuring out things like my CD player! After tons of googling I finally found your blog and the answer to a question that has been plaguing me for 6 months! Thanks again!

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