First look: 2010 Jetta SportWagen TDI clean diesel


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  1. Jay,
    What should I use in the winter as a fuel additive to my 2010 JSW TDI?

  2. Jay,
    Could you find out about how we can get a retro-fit fog light kit for our 2010 Jetta TDE Sportwagens? Even better would be instructions for how to install them. My big question is, provided a kit’s available, we would have to do wiring. Or is there a ‘plug-in’ connection near what’s now the plastic panel we’d be replacing.
    Thanks for your help. Your site is valuable!
    Herman Asarnow

  3. Herman Asarnow

    Thank you, Jay. I hadn’t seen your response until today–April 17. H.A.

  4. Just about to get my Sportwagen and want to order fog lights. Dealer wants $1,100 for parts and installation. Forums indicate parts are only $450. Do you know why this is such a premium?


  5. Abelardo Dauhajre


    I will like to know if there’s an aftermarket Homelink visor that can be installed to a 2010 Jetta Sportwagen TDI or if VW sells such device for said vehicle.

  6. Hi Jay, this is my first question and first time to visit and low and behold the previous fellow with a 2010 Sportwagen asked the very question that has been on my mind for quite some time. A retrofit kit for foglights! I have found and please correct me if I’m wrong that the retrofit kit part #1kmo5225ou fits the 2009 Sportwagen BUT not the 2010 Sportwagen. I bought my 2010 Sportwagen a couple of months ago and it wasn’t equipped with fog lights and I was told that I could buy them from VW in the kit but it appears that you COULD in 2009 but the grille area was changed in the 2010’s and I can’t find any evidence that they ever intended fog lights for a 2010. I hope that I’m wrong? Please see if you can help. Thanks, Rick

  7. Thanks Jay, There is alot of cool stuff there as well!

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